BBBA (Since that’s what everyone calls it) Sequel :D

Here is a smile. May it haunt your dreams... ;D

Here is a smile. May it haunt your dreams… ;D

I gotta stop putting emoticons in my titles… Anyway, I was nominated a second time for the BBBA by Valari, but since I’ve already done it once here, I just decided I’d answer the questions. Here we go.Β πŸ™‚

1. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Introvert most certainly. You, the person reading this, probably have more friends than people I’ve actually spoken to.

2. Dogs or cats?

This one kills me. But right now I’m going with cats.

3. Chocolate or vanilla?

If you’re talking ice-cream, vanilla, anything else chocolate.

4. Would you rather visit England or Spain?

I love English accents, so I think the answer’s obvious.

5. Cake or ice cream?

Unquestionably ice cream.

6. Coke or Pepsi?

Seriously, is there a difference? =P But Coke.

7. Would you rather watch a Romance movie or Horror film?

Horror. I like Romance as a side plot, not the main story.

8. Pencil or pen?

Pen, probably.

9. Wii or X-Box?

Don’t have either, but Wii, why not?

10. Mountains or beaches?

Mountains. Their solitude appeals to me. πŸ™‚

11. Country music or pop?

Neither. Electronic all the way, with classical as a close second. ;D

12. Books or TV? (Be honest; I won’t judge!)

Books. I don’t have cable. =P

13. Elsa or Anna? (just had to ask :p)

Elsa. Though imo, both weren’t very smart. ;D

14. Would you rather learn fencing or archery?

Archery. Though I prefer up close and personal, that’s rarely the situation, and who fights with bendy swords anyway? XD

15. Did you have more fun answering these questions or making up your own?

Ack! That’s a hard one. I’ll have to say making them up though. I like putting people on the spot because I hate being put on the spot myself. ;D

Tours yruly


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