Heartless– Cold Hands– Chapter 12, Friends (Poem)

Now isn't that adorable? :)

Now isn’t that adorable? 🙂

So, no song for this one, but I’m tired of leaving you with nothing, so here’s a poem I wrote instead. Enjoy. 🙂


You’re back up against a wall

They hear your cry not the call

Your life bouncing like a ball

Left and right, they all fall

Nothing left and nothing right

Start the engine but it stalled

You feel your life’s just a plight

You can barely even crawl


Your life is just a scarred part

A sore scar that mars your heart

Yes, that’s where the problems start

Your world– a picture of vile art

You cried– nobody replied

They’re all tearing you apart

Everything’s breaking your stride

You cannot even restart


Got no idea who to trust

You have been left in the dust

Feels like you’ve been caked in rust

Life to you is just unjust

You seem doomed to a pained state

All you know seems to combust

This fate cannot be escaped

You can’t just try, it’s a must


But I know– I’m there always

I’ve seen the empty hallways

I’m right next to you, trust me

I was there, I heard your plea

Take my hand, I’ll help you up

I drank of your pain-filled cup

Look here, I’m working to aid

Don’t fear me, don’t be afraid

Please just trust me as before

Friends to the finish we swore

Take all that you need, I’ll lend


Listen here — I am your friend

Tours yruly


6 thoughts on “Heartless– Cold Hands– Chapter 12, Friends (Poem)

  1. Okay, I know I’ve already talked to you about this poem, but i have to comment to say that THIS line is absolutely PHENOMENAL. no kidding. it kills me every time X)
    “Your life is just a scarred part,
    A sore scar that mars your heart”
    the most sad and beautiful and poetic image i’ve experienced in a LONG time. Thanks! ;D
    Anna B.


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