Ripped off google images, what can I say?

Ripped off google images, what can I say?

The title says all it needs to. This is a poem about cynicallity. I made that word up. There is a little fun thing in the poem. See if you can spot it.

All hope is pining

Life is confining

Love just sits crying


Aching pain is all we feel

Reality is cold steel

Everyone is surreal


Cheer has vacated the air

Yes, all we see is death’s glare

No one smiles, all are cynical

I feel life’s simply clinical

Coldness at its pinnacle; but–

As I look, no one thinks cynically

Laughingly, the cynical one is me

Sorry it’s depressing. I was in a cynical mood. Get it? Get it? Yeah, dumb joke. -_-

Tours yruly


8 thoughts on “Cynical

  1. I already read it last year! It happens I was the only one of my class who thoroughly enjoyed it. I was spectacular. As I was reading, I noticed that, as I read, I saw striking similarities between his writing style and mine. The sentence structure and logical argumentation was like mine but more refined, of course. Well, it is my favorite book of all time, and this is probably my favorite poem of all time because I don’t like most poetry in general.


    • Oh sweet! I’m gonna be reading it this year. 😀 My teacher is convinced we’re all gonna love it. I’m really looking forward to it. XD Favorite book of all time huh? Cool! 😀 And favorite poem of all time? Wow, thanks. 😉

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


  2. Love this X) Reflects you in so many ways (no offense, but it IS your writing). btw, are you ever NOT cynical?
    I’m thinking the fun part is when you said ‘but–’ and changed the grim outlook to an ‘it’s just me’ moment. that kinda made it more lighthearted =)
    Anna B.
    ps. Almost forgot to sign out!!! don’t need to start another conflict X)


    • hmm… I guess I am never NOT cynical. XD
      Ah, well, try again. That’s something I did do on purpose, it was what spawned the whole thing, but the fun part is a little more subtle. 🙂

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

      P.s. yeah, don’t. XD


  3. Ahhhh . . . this is amazing. I will be honest and say that I mostly don’t enjoy poetry, but this is spectacular. You know, being an utter cynic and pessimist myself, I am so grateful to have good friends like you to, now and then, bring me back down to earth and remind me what life is all about. This nearly rivals the feeling of exhilaration that overtakes me when I read passages of Machiavelli. I feel reinvigorated, and for that, I thank you.


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