So, I had this dumb idea…

So what if I can draw this?

So what if I can draw this?

Too many ellipses! 😉 Also, who says I can’t do lighthearted? Anyway, I was being bugged by my brain to write something, but it refused to tell me what, so I came up with this. It’s a poem with each successive line growing by one syllable. Enjoy. 🙂

Something in my mind lurks and flits.

I’ve many ideas, but this won’t fit.

A spark, a light, a wisdom, an insight.

I must write– recite, anything but this plight.

Like a fly, buzzing by, vexingly out of reach

I could cry, for though I try, yea, I even beseech

This– This something remains unperturbed, grinning, undisturbed

Enough say I. Cease! No more! And my inspiration is curbed.

I know, I’m sorry you wasted your time reading this, now go away before I get more inspiration.

Tours yruly


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