On the Mastery of Words and the Power of Music

So, this was another Advanced Composition assignment I did last week. Forgot to post it here, so I’m doing it now. =P Anyways, it’s two paragraphs, yes, those beastly things are paragraphs, between 8-12 sentences, and I want you to vote on which one you prefer, just because I want to make another poll.

I have these on my desk whiteboard!

I have these on my desk whiteboard!

“How to Master Any Word”

In order to understand a word fully, one must possess a knowledge of the four important aspects that pertains to it. Firstly, every word has a pronunciation. When the reader can enunciate what lies on paper clearly and precisely, it shows a refined understanding of the nuances in the English language. Not only that, words all have meanings, and if one does not know the definition of a word, it can severely impair them, whether reading or writing. Once the student has comprehension pertaining to a word’s meaning, he must progress to the next key element: spelling. Numerous ways exist to learn spelling; flash cards help exceedingly, and so do the multiple free online softwares that one can find. Learning all these things, however, do not grant full mastery of a word. Only one step remains, but that stands out as the hardest of them all. One must have such familiarity with the word that it can come to mind the instant a need arises. This aspect requires not so much learning as constant exposure to the word in question. If a person’s knowledge of any word extends to these four parts, they have mastered it.

The drop for Morpheus (song)

The drop for Morpheus (song)

“The Power of Music”

Music has power. True, nothing affects anybody similarly, but music influences everyone in varying degrees. For example, sorrow expresses itself in slow, melodic minor notes, while peppy, excited major melodies show happiness. When the music takes on a discordant tone, it implies fear and disturbance. These factors all mix together to create the different kinds of music that our culture knows. More than theory controls music though. Usage of certain instruments and absence of others change the way the song sounds drastically. Everyone understands that a solo violin played with vibrato and emotion sounds completely different to a detuned pluck synth with an echo delay, even if they play exactly the same melodies. One connects with the listener, carrying them along a journey of feeling, while the other brings joy and light-heartedness. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that music simply has power– simple as that.


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