Broken Glass

I really wanted to find one with a rainbow, honest, but I guess it's not as common as I make it out to be. :P

I really wanted to find one with a rainbow, honest, but I guess it’s not as common as I make it out to be. 😛

It’s official guys, I’m addicted to present tense. 😀 So… this is an essay I wrote for Advanced Composition which I’m taking this year. The prompt was to write about something that happened to us this summer. Here is what I wrote. Honestly, the whole thing was inspired ’cause I thought of broken glass and figured it was an interesting enough thing to structure my essay around. Also, the rainbow thing through the broken glass may not be completely legitimate, but hey, the glass could have formed a prism, and it’s not like I have a care for legitimacy anyway. 😉

He takes a glass out from the cupboard and fills it to the brim with sparkling water. After a long day in the sun it energizes him to finally break away from sweaty labor and cool off. But as he brings the glass to his lips in full anticipation of the refreshment it will bring, it slips from his hand and smashes on the floor. Disappointed, he bends down to retrieve the broken pieces of glass. Then, a light shines into the room, and in an instant, the glass comes alive with rainbows dancing across it. This simple scenario embodies the situation I found myself in during this summer and, I feel, most of life too.

I write. Creating stories from my imagination and putting them into a textual form brings great joy to me. This profession has occupied me for three years now. At this current time period, I own a writing blog on which I post my writing for my devoted readers whom I appreciate greatly. However, this happy state of being only came into existence a month ago.

Traveling back a year from yesterday, I created my writing blog for a Creative Writing class. On this blog I ended up posting not only the writing I did for the class itself, but stories and extra prose that I wrote myself. Having an audience who read my writing avidly made me feel like never before. All the feedback and response changed me, and filled my cup to the full. For once I had friends who shared an interest in writing. As summer approached, I felt myself ready to bring the glass to my lips and indulge in its full potential. I knew that I had prepared to devote all my future efforts that summer to writing.

Then summer arrived, and with it, I let the cup slip from my hand. In the excitement of the holiday, my posts fell from fourteen a month, twelve, five, and then one. During this time period, the community that I felt so attached to disintegrated. For a month I lost all hope. But, the love I feel for writing would not permit me to contain it, and I began posting a new story on my blog. Nobody responded. Not ready to give up, I bent down to pick through the pieces of broken glass. At this point, the light shone in and the rainbow appeared in the midst of all the pieces of the broken cup.

This glass I picked through took form in my friends’ blogs. Going through all of them, I found on one a post I had never seen before. Forgetting, fortunately as it turned out, to read the date on the post, which she had published nearly two months ago, I commented, “Glad to see you’re still around”. I could not believe it when WordPress notified me of a reply to my comment. We started chatting, and the next thing I knew, I had found someone eager to read what I had posted. Not only this, but she started writing a story herself.

Encouraged by this occurrence, I went on to find more active bloggers from other creative writing classes and made contact with them. Now I have started meeting regularly with a fellow author to write a collaborative story. All the feelings I had when in my Creative Writing class have returned. One of the most encouraging things in the world happens when I do something I love with others doing it right alongside me. Nothing in the world can make me exchange that experience for anything. I have filled my cup again, I just hope that this time it does not slip.

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10 thoughts on “Broken Glass

  1. A very beautifully written paper! I can see why this earned first place;)
    The analogy at the beginning was a bit baffling at first, but when it was later explained in perfect detail, I was like “Ah! That’s the full glass, that’s the broken glass, and that’s you picking up the pieces.” I also like how it took the rainbow shining through the broken mess for you to see what you had was worthwhile.
    A very moving picture you painted here! You tied it up beautifully at the end, with filling the cup again and hoping it doesn’t slip=)
    Excellent job!
    Anna B.


    • I’m glad you liked it. I guess I’m not all dark, evil, and gloom eh? 😉
      Cool! I’m glad you understood what I was driving at with the whole essay. I kinda inverted it I guess, giving the analogy first then the example. Glad you weren’t completely confused. Oh, and the rainbow thing, the inspiration for that came from my Mom; she loves rainbows. 😀
      Yeah. I honestly, really, seriously, hope that it doesn’t all fall apart again. 😉

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


      • Personally, it seemed a little dark at the beginning, what with broken glassX) but more of a thoughtful solemnity (there’s that word again!)
        I wasn’t at all confused. Very clear train of thought, imo. That’s nice that you got that idea from your mom=)
        Michael, I’ll let you know, I will not let you fall apart again. Knowing how mischievous and nagging I am, you surely can see how I will poke and probe you into writing and posting and all that jazz >;D
        You’re welcome=)
        Anna B.


        • Hmm… The aftereffects of writing a dark novel… Will I ever outwrite the repercussions? *sigh*
          I’m glad that each step of the logical train was clear. Guess I’ve been reading enough Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. 😉
          Yeah, I don’t think it’s gonna happen again. I certainly am going to do my best to prevent that, and your nagging will certainly help. XD Mischievous though, that hasn’t been a word I’ve applied to you yet. More like craftily devious…

          ~Michael Hollingworth
          Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


        • Not Michael Holmes this time, no. More like a good writer learning something in Advanced Composition X)
          Good to know you consider me to be craftily devious…very good to know……..
          Anna B.


  2. I do like the unifying imagery of the glass–good work there! You have no BE-verbs or article beginners. Thumbs up. Seriously, the only thing I see is the period outside the quotation marks in the friends’ blogs paragraph. (Just remember to underline the thesis in the final paper…which you probably have done. :))


    • I’m glad you liked this. It’s not often that I can pull of a metaphor like this so it’s honestly quite an achievement for me. Yeah, that period I have questions about myself. The reason is because I didn’t actually want to include the period in the quote. I cut off the quote before the period, and so had to add one to end the sentence. I still have doubts as to whether it’s grammatically correct. And yeah, I did underline my thesis, guess WordPress must’ve taken it out.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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