A Review of Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl

So guys, another review. Told you guys I’d do more than one of these. What, you didn’t believe me? Well here is proof against your very beliefs. Anyways, this time I picked Artemis Fowl ’cause it’s something I’ve been reading recently. Also, I wasn’t forced to write the review this time. I actually want you guys to read this book. I won’t keep blabbering on, and leave you to read my review, but yeah, good book. 😉

The book Artemis Fowl is an interesting one. It takes this position as interesting because what it contains is a breath of fresh air, a combination of characters that I personally have not seen before. Don’t let the plot fool you. If you think that a twelve year old criminal mastermind stealing gold from fairies sounds a little over the edge, trust me, I did too. However, if you do read this story, I think that you will find this story is anything but cheesy. With complex moral questions asked throughout, the mind of a young genius to marvel at, and a new fantastical world to explore, I think you will find that Artemis Fowl delivers.

This story is built not around hero against villain, but hero against antihero, and leaves you (at least it did me) cheering for both sides. Artemis Fowl, the protagonist of this story and a twelve year old genius, captured me in a moment. With just enough Sherlock Holmes in him to cause me to think of that particular detective when I read about him, but so much more character within him, it is a pleasure to watch as the twelve year old boy not only has a moral change throughout the story, but astounds and impresses his “enemies”, the fairies.

One word about the sequels, since I plan not to do a review on a series of books, but only one out of any series I read. The problem with a series of novels about the same characters is that the plot tends to feel repetitive, if not boring, and you get tired about reading about the same old people again. Not Artemis Fowl. Not yet at least. I just finished the fifth book. Unlike some of the series I know about, the same plot is not recycled, nor is the story disjointed. You will severely miss out if you do not read the books in order.

So, would Artemis Fowl be a book I recommend to you guys out there reading my blog? Look at the list of books I recommend for you guys. I assure you that if you do read this, the delightful characters and their personalities will become as much a part of you as they have become of me. Throwing fairies together with a twelve year old boy and his hulking bodyguard risked a recipe for disaster, but Eoin Colfer managed to make it into something that I certainly enjoy, and I hope you guys will love it too.

Also, you’ll notice the fourth book The Eternity Code, is not on my list of recommended books. This is ’cause, well, I didn’t really like the premise. However, if you do end up reading the series, I’d recommend reading The Eternity Code before The Opal Deception, even if you don’t really like the beginning of the story. It helps, in this series especially, to know what happened before.

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