School (And a Software Review)

So, school, that big scary monster has returned. The load I’ve set myself up for is going to be anything but easy. AP Calc, Advanced Comp, Chinese, C++ Programming, Photography, World History, US History, and Advanced Chemistry. This of course isn’t counting the extra-curricular stuff I have to keep up with, like writing, video-making, piano, archery, etc. So, all this being said, if you guys spot a lapse in my posts to this blog, have the grace to understand that I am not purposefully neglecting it. I love this blog, I love writing, and I’d do anything to keep working towards such.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten that aside, let me reveal the true purpose of this post. I’m mainly reviewing a new piece of writing software I discovered thanks to Victoria from Inkdrops and City Lights. Her post on it is here. So, first off, the pros of this: The Daily Goal. That’s it, I love the Daily Goal. It’s amazing. Having a goal that I can work towards achieving is always cool, and I am an achievements kind of guy.

Also, can I mention the customizability of the toolbar, the custom dictionary (which works really well when you’re creating new worlds with new vocabulary, etc.), the timers, and the fact that I can get it to make cool typewriter sounds (which honestly sounds like somebody flicking plastic)?

That aside though, my only complaint is that since I run on mac, the toolbar at the top that appears only when you mouse over it, also appears with the app toolbar, which obscures part of it (a slight design mistake in my opinion). Also, though it does have formatting options, I cannot find the two that I use frequently in Pages (my ordinary writing software), 12 pt line breaks every paragraph, and 0.5 inch first line indents. Still though, these are easy to enter. All I have to do is copy to pages, select everything, change the formatting, and I’m good.

So, overall rating of this software: it’s good. I love the daily challenge. I’m on 34% right now, and I’m going to get 100%. Am I going to use this for all writing in the future? Yes. I absolutely love it, plus, then I’ll be able to get daily writing streaks and whatnot. I’ll probably have to raise the daily challenge bar though. A 1000 words seems a bit small. Still, we’ll see won’t we? XD I can’t wait.

Tours yruly

P.s. If you want the software name and download, you’ll have to visit Victoria’s post. Not gonna steal any traffic from her blog.


10 thoughts on “School (And a Software Review)

  1. Ok, first off, I don’t think anybody is in a position to withhold grace from you if you stop posting on a deserted site for a single day. It seems you have a TON of responsibilities, and many of these of higher priority than posting on WordPress. I just find it amazing how writing is still such an important goal to you, even if it comes last on a loooong list of responsibilities.
    Anyway, I took a look at FocusWriter on Inkdrops and City Lights (really neat blog BTW). It looks pretty cool. I’m just not sure if I need it or not. Being a writer, though, it sure is tempting…..
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Anna B.


    • LOL. Writing is always going to be one of my top priorities. Whether or not anyone reads it, I’m still going to be writing. Ever since I started, I’ve been addicted, I can’t stop. In my opinion, if I don’t do something because I “don’t have enough time for it”, that means that it’s just not something I want to do enough, because if I really wanted to do it enough, I’d be able to make the time for it, no matter what.
      Yeah, well, it’s not for everybody. Personally though, I think I’m going to be using it a ton.
      You’re welcome. 😀

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


      • Good point about making time for something you really want to do. Not having enough time is an overused excuse.
        If you didn’t see my second comment, I did download FocusWriter 😉
        Anna B.


        • Thanks.
          I saw it. 😀 I really need to up the 1000 words daily challenge though. I’m already on 82% and I haven’t even begun. 😀

          ~Michael Hollingworth
          Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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