Potentior Est Stilus GladioPotentior Est Stilus Gladio

Today in class we had an awards ceremony. I just want to say to you guys how GREAT you all have been. It’s an amazing class, Creative Writing, and all your support feedback, help, and just your writing of amazing stories has been a real treat. But, for those of you who don’t know, Katherine was awarded the best villain, and so here is my dialogue with her:


Interviewer: Hello Katherine.


Katherine smiles.


Katherine: Hello.


Interviewer: You were recently awarded the Best Villain award. What are your feelings about this?


Katherine looks confused.


Katherine: Yay! I got an award. Wait a second… I was a villain?


And there is my interview with Katherine. I got however, another award. Twist was awarded the Best Mystery award. I mean, wow you guys. Thanks a lot. As I mentioned in class, when I was writing Twist, I started it as a mystery story, and threw in the dark for fun. But then I think the dark took over, and I felt as if I was losing touch with the mystery part of the story. So having you guys nominate me for this award was amazing. Thanks a ton!


And no, I don’t know latin. I only know google translate. 🙂


Tours yruly



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