Ok, so after the final swirls left behind by Twist and Nightmare, you guys might be wondering what I’ll be doing with my blog. Well, first off, The Dark Menace will still be continued, so have no fear, those of you who actually read that story. Secondly I am planning a big novel. Maybe not so big as The Dark Menace, but certainly more planning is going into it, and it will probably be three to five times the length of Twist. Also, for those who disliked the darkness of Twist and the little that existed in Nightmare, fear not, this next one will have minimal to no dark elements. Of course, I can’t help if the repercussions from writing the two aforementioned novels extend into my new novel, but I will do my best to keep them separate.

Next announcement. After some thought, I have decided I will remove the “prologue” for Twist. I feel that it was completely useless and really had no bearing on the story whatsoever. So yes, the prologue no longer exists in the context of Twist. Also, I would like to take this moment for a small dedication. Twist, after much thought, has been dedicated to:

~My Creative Writing Class~

I hope you guys will accept this token of my gratitude to all your guys’ contributions, whether you realize it or not, to my new writing skills. Also, you guys really mean a lot to me, and even if I ever join any other writing clubs after this, you guys will have a special place in my heart as the firsts.

Ok, so sentimentality aside, I would like to ask those of you who have read Twist to the end a question. Out of five stars, what would you rate it as? I won’t be hurt by negative feedback, I promise, but please be sure you have read the whole thing before you vote.

Ok, so that bit of feedback over with, I figure I’ll end this on a bit of a taster (That’s British English for you Americans 😉) for you guys. The name of the new novel I’m working on is called
Heartless: Cold Hands.

Tours yruly


2 thoughts on “Afterthoughts

  1. wow, now i’m really curious about your new novel! sounds intriguing!
    that was an AWESOME dedication BTW! this class has helped me, too=D but i never thought of a dedication…
    Anna B.
    ps. i rated Twist 4 stars;)


    • Well, I’m glad that my new novel has intrigued you. Its title that is. Currently, my progress on the outline is 8.3333…% so still got a ways to go! but I think it’s going to be a fun story. I’m glad you liked the dedication. I’ve written a full novel before, with a dedication and all, so when this week we had to out it all together, I thought about the dedication and figured that I should dedicate it to you guys as a mark of my appreciation.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

      P.s. Thanks for the rating! I of course, being the author, rated it five stars. 😉


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