SA10 – Round Robin

Ok, so I didn’t know exactly how this assignment was supposed to end, but I suppose the stage I’ve copied it from is a decent enough ending. Negate the second half of that previous statement. Anyways, if you are not from my class, I’ve probably been spouting garbage to your ears, so let me apologize. This assignment was a Round Robin assignment where we each pitched in and wrote our own little pieces of a scene/story. It actually turned out to be quite cool. Enjoy. 🙂


Donna sat on the park bench watching the crowds of people pass by. But no one noticed her. She didn’t care (GAINES). The world seemed to be crumbling around her. She felt crushed by the weight of the burden that she was forced to carry. As time passed by, doubt began to fill her very soul. (HOLLINGWORTH) Should she stay here and wait for the right moment, or should she flee back to the safe confines of her apartment where no doubt or fear could find her? (CREED) A figure walked out of the crowd, slowly approaching the bench.

“Mind if I sit here?” asked the stranger (BYRD). He wore a suit and tie. He looked at her amusingly, as if he knew something. (ABBOTT)

“Uh…no, of course not.” Donna sprung from the bench faster than she should have, gathering her things in a hurry. Why are my nerves so wild today? she reprimanded herself, but said aloud: “I was just heading home.”

The stranger peered curiously at her. “Are you sure that’s such a good idea?” (BELMONTE)

Donna caught her breath, did the stranger know something he shouldn’t? Did he know of the mission she had been sent on and the horrible indecision that was paralyzing her? No, that was impossible. (CREED)

But why didn’t he want her to return home? She peered suspiciously out at him from underneath her heavy bangs. As if sensing her scrutiny, he smiled wickedly. (Kriebel)

Donna’s heart began to pound in her chest, her eyes barely containing the fear that welled up within her. She had seen that smile only once before, but where? What had happened in her past that caused to so greatly fear the man standing in front of her? (Pellman).

The fire. Of course. He was there, her last night on the mission when Headquarters had gone up in flames (HAWTHORNE).

She had never recovered from that. It had not been her fault, but somehow she felt that something she had neglected had been the premise for the terrible conflagration that followed (HOLLINGWORTH).

“Ah, you remembered,” the man grinned slyly as Donna’s mind reeled, remembering the video footage she had failed to send to Evidence; it just had not seemed that important. “And do you recall that evidence you forgot to file? Quite convenient, really; no one could see me coming.” (HAWTHORNE).

Donna’s breath came in short gasps, and she could feel something like a terrible weight descend on her chest. It had all been her fault. In that moment, she wished she could become invisible or crawl into a hole where no one could see her and all her mistakes. (CREED) “I’m sorry, Sir,” she said unsteadily. “I have nothing more to say to you. This conversation is over–for now.” (BARGER)

“That’s what you say,” the stranger said darkly. “But you are responsible for the lives of many who now lie dead.” (HOLLINGWORTH)

The stranger laid something small down on the bench. “If you have any remorse for what you have done, read that. I don’t care if you were in league with the rogue bomb squad, if you finish that cleanup procedure in the main computer, they won’t be able to track us ever. They still might not have the skills, but better be safe than dead. You understand.” (LADWIG)

Donna’s hands shook as she collected the lumpy package, and the wane afternoon sun suddenly felt very hot and heavy. Glancing up, she caught sight of the stranger’s tie floundering behind him as he retreated into the crowd. Spreading the contents of the package in her lap, her breath caught and goose bumps traveled up her legs in spite of the previously warm sun. (GREEN)

All it contained was a small flashdrive and mini instruction pamphlet. Donna remembered his words; this was a way to erase her past–a way to forget everything–a new start! All she had to do was acess the main computer and it would be over. (RADZIALOWSKI)

Donna reached into her bag and took out a small laptop. “Alright then, let’s see what you’ve got for me.” She inserted the flashdrive into the port. (PELLMAN)

“Yes, let’s see, shall we?” a voice startled her from behind. “You know, Donna, I thought we could trust you.”

Spinning around to face the voice, Donna tried to mask her shaky nerves. “Jack, how are you?” she smiled charmingly. (HAWTHORNE).

“I’ve been better,” he said, grinning, but something in his eyes set off alarms inside Donna’s head. He’d seen the flash drive. He knew. (CREED) She looked around, preparing to escape. The day had darkened now, and the park was empty. Then there was a compressed sounding thump, and still grinning, Jack fell forward over the bench, stone dead.

Donna was no fool. She knew that it had been a silenced firearm that took him out. Hurriedly she looked around, searching for the sniper, but she could see nothing. Hastily she stood up to leave, but a voice from behind Donna stopped her short.

“Foolish girl.”

Donna looked around to find a woman of her height clad in a jumpsuit with a high-powered rifle in her hands. (HOLLINGWORTH)

“You have a lot to explain to us,” she said with a grim face. “When did you think that you could get away from your responsibility?” She raised the gun. (BARGER)

“Stop,” Donna pleaded, searching the woman’s eyes with her own, “I didn’t think I could get away with anything. The truth is, I’ve been tortured by my mistakes. They’ve taught me above all else that life, though fragile, is precious and worth protecting; so think carefully before taking mine.” (CREED)

“Oh, I’ve thought this over!” laughed the woman maniacally. “I’ve thought about it every day since you inadvertently killed my brother. You see, Agent 65, he was at Headquarters that day, fulfilling his duty to the mission. Do you really think that information could’ve been mishandled without devastating consequences?”

The chilled tone of her voice caused suppressed memories to resurface in Donna’s mind. Agent 20, this woman’s brother, had fallen victim to the ‘cure’, all because of her one mistake. It was Donna’s fault. Undeniably.

By now, the woman had skirted the bench and stood at the fringe of the woods, still training the gun on Donna’s head. “My brother’s clone will be back!” she hissed. “There’s no way you can erase what that cure did to him!” With that, the woman pulled back, and disappeared into the woods. (BELMONTE)

Darkness was descending as Donna stood, motionless in the center of an empty park. To any casual observer, it would appear as if she were only lost in thought; however, if he looked closer, he would be able to see the tears streaming down her cheeks. (KRIEBEL)

And then the nuke dropped. Radioactive waste rushed over Donna, and she felt her body flake away as the intense heat destroyed her from the inside out. (LADWIG)

Her dog howled at her ashes. And a unicorn danced through the sky. (Kribel)

The skeletons of medieval soldiers rose up from under the ground, and the sky was filled with stones from multiple catapults and trebuchets. (HOLLINGWORTH)

The sounds of the battle led the dead Donna to believe that she was in a dream world, but of course she went along with it. She was dead, so nothing mattered anymore. She picked up a ancient broadsword and swung it at the trees, feeling satisfaction as the stumps spewed giant negative rainbow colors. (LADWIG)


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