NP9 – Twist – The Twist

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Ok, so you may have wondered “What in the world happened to writing each chapter of the novel project the instant class was over?” Well, this being the climatic chapter, I wanted to post this when nobody could read it so that you guys would all be getting it fresh in class, so this is what i have done, and if you happen to see this chapter before tomorrow’s class, then please, I beg you (I mean it’s the internet, you can do anything you want, so I have to beg), wait for class so that you guys will all be hearing this for the first time. And if this is class, well previously, we had Elaina resurrected (yay!), and some menacing things discovered about Katherine. Enjoy. 😀

I finally see now. The Twist has arrived.

“So it was you,” Nathaniel said, slowly inching away from Katherine, who now drew a knife from inside her sleeve. He reached back for his rifle and seizing it, pointed it at her. She shrugged expressively, and checking his weapon, Nathaniel found that it was empty. Berating himself silently, he stood up slowly. Then his anger overcame his outward calm, and he spat, “You killed Elaina!”

Katherine looked confused. “No, you killed Elaina. You drove her away, and she died.”

“No!” Nathaniel denied, all the more vehemently as he knew in his heart that what she said was undeniable. “You were the one who murdered her.”

“You’re wrong,” Katherine said quietly. “You sent her to her doom. I saved her. I pleaded for her life!”

“You mean she’s not dead? B– but the body….”

Katherine’s visage changed in the same time a fractious child takes to switch from mood to mood. “Katherine may have saved Elaina’s life, but I had to have a replacement. I knocked Elaina out, left her on the bottom of the double floored pit, as you saw, and took her shirt. Then I put it on Seth’s convenient body. It was too easy to fool you.”

Another spasm seized Nathaniel and he collapsed to the floor again.

“A– and the note. Six. Of course… The first word and every sixth word after that: I…am…the…murderer…Katherine. Why would you do that? Why would you leave an incriminating message like that?”

A shadow crossed Katherine’s face, and she said almost pleadingly, “I tried to tell you. I tried to warn you that Katherine was the killer. You didn’t see. You just didn’t see–”

“Shut up!” Katherine cut herself off viciously. “No more whining. I must do what must be done.”

“Why did you kill the other two students?”

“They knew,” Katherine said, her eyes becoming haunted. “They knew–” her voice turned cold. “So I put an end to them.”

“And what about me? Why are you trying to kill me?” Beads of sweat began to form on Nathaniel’s forehead, and he felt as if his insides were on fire as he studied the knife Katherine held so casually.

Katherine balanced the blade on her index finger, then flipped it in the air and caught it deftly. With a tone completely devoid of emotion, she said, “You know.”

Katherine watched Nathaniel silently as his mind ran over what he had just learned. She was fulfilling what had been ordained wasn’t she? Elaina Cara. Cara was friend. Katherine Verraaier. Verraaier was traitor. Now she just had to complete Nathaniel, then the only remaining person would be Charles. She smiled. Dear Charles.

It was in moments like these, moments of crushing pressure, that Nathaniel saw things with the greatest clarity. Katherine came here before. She found this temple. The artifact must be radioactive. That would explain the death of the person who touched it, and the spasms I am getting now. This would mean that Katherine somehow managed to get her head damaged by the radiation. I get it now. The hallucinations, multiple personalities, vacant expressions, she’s gone insane…

…and I’m going to die.

Nathaniel struggled to his feet, and with one hand clutching his side, and the other on the wall supporting him, he faced Katherine. With infinite slowness, he assumed the best fighting position he could take up in his state. There was a tense moment as Katherine and Nathaniel studied each other, then mustering his remaining strength, the amateur detective straightened and said in a clear voice, “Bring it on then.”

He did not even see it coming. With a sweeping kick that went by his eyes like a flash of light, Katherine took Nathaniel’s feet out from under him, and as his head and shoulders hit the hard stone floor, a similar flash of light shot through his head. Instinctively he rolled aside and was satisfied by hearing metal clink against stone.

Getting to his hands and knees Nathaniel shook his head.  His vision continued to swim however, and a kick to his kidneys had him on the floor again. He rolled onto his back. Katherine, her hair flying around her head, was coming down on him, the knife in her hand. Nathaniel blinked. The knife came closer. Nathaniel swallowed. The knife came closer. Nathaniel raised his arms. The knife came closer. He closed his eyes.

“Last wish?”

Nathaniel was confused, then he blinked open to find Katherine poised over him, the blade inches from his face.

“That I was wrong,” Nathaniel said, and pushing the teacher off, he started back down the passage. Dropping her knife, she darted forward and grabbed his neck. He wriggled out of her chokehold, and out of desperation, she grabbed his necklace. It came off in her hands, and he continued down the passage.

All Nathaniel heard was a swish, then his heart was punctured from behind. He stumbled to his knees and stared disbelievingly at the blood rapidly soaking his shirt. He had been right, just as he always was. He would die. At least Elaina was not dead, though he would not be there to celebrate her resurrection. Then his mind travelled back to the day his father died, when he had gone for his checkup.  He smiled.

“I would’ve hated to die from cancer anyway.”

Katherine silently pulled the knife from the warm corpse, blatantly ignoring the spurt of blood that accompanied it. Her face turned sorrowful as she studied the back of Nathaniel, and a moment of pity seized her. Bending down she whispered into his unhearing ear, “I’m sorry, but you were Aberth.”


Charles was about to lead the way down the second passage when Elaina screamed. He looked at her only to find that she was immovably pointing to something behind him. He began turning slowly, then realizing the impracticality of such a form of motion, whirled the rest of the way around.

Katherine, her forearm stained with blood, a knife similarly adorned in her hand, and Nathaniel’s necklace clutched in her other fist, was standing at the entrance to the tunnel staring at them blankly. Then, in the manner of a child asking for forgiveness, she advanced a step, only to be stopped by Elaina shouting.

“No! Don’t come a step closer. Charles, do something!”

The convoked remained motionless as Katherine said in a pleading voice, “It got him. It came, and killed him. I tried to stop it, but it would not listen.”

“You monster!” Elaina said savagely. “You killed Nathaniel didn’t you?” In her anger she advanced recklessly, until she was standing right beside Katherine, but the latter did not even turn. “Admit to your crime! You killed him did you not? It was you. Not ‘it’!”

Something seemed to click in Katherine, and she said in a clear voice, “Charles, you must fulfill the name of Agteroe. It must be made complete.” Then dropping the necklace, she raised her knife and began advancing.

Elaina would not stand for such a thing, and amassing what strength she could find after her own harrowing experience, she leapt upon Katherine like a wildcat. However, apparently evincing such a move, the mad teacher drove the pommel of her weapon into Elaina’s head, knocking the valiant friend unconscious. Then she continued her slow advance.

Shakily Charles reached into his pocket. One step. With shivering hands, he drew out the gun it contained. Two steps. He brought the sights to bear on Katherine. Three steps. Tentatively he curled his finger around the trigger, closed his eyes–

and squeezed.

A Traditional Digital Painting by Me!

A Traditional Digital Painting by Me!

So, apart from the fact that the knife handle is too small and that I have no clue which brush is for blending, I’d say the above is a pretty decent picture.

I meant to do color I promise, but apparently when I scanned it into the computer for digital painting, it converted it into a black and white image and I have no idea how to change it to color. So enjoy yet another black and white picture. XD

Tours yruly


10 thoughts on “NP9 – Twist – The Twist

  1. Wow, Michael. Wow, wow, wow. I KNEW IT! Katherine is the murderer. And Nathaniel’s dead? =[ Also, this has to be the worst cliffhanger yet.

    ~Kaytee Green


  2. Awww! darn! I was TOTALLY going to read this, until you started begging me not to…i’ll wait until tomorrow, if you insist, though you could’ve just posted this AFTER class, so i wouldn’t be so tempted=(
    Still in Suspense,
    Anna B.


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