SA7 – Hollingworth

Yup. Nathaniel gives a speech. This is set after the events of Twist at this current stage. Enjoy.

Nathaniel slowly mounted the stage. Reporters surrounded that elevated pedestal, and an audience of thousands surrounded him. Everybody had been surprised at the amazing prodigy who had gone to the Amazon Rainforest and come back having solved a mystery that had puzzled all for years. He had been invited to give a speech about his experiences, and having accepted, was now standing before the microphone, waiting for everybody to quiet down.

Nathaniel was feeling a mix of emotions as he looked at the crowd surrounding him. So many people around him, yet so alone. He felt the true meaning of that phrase now, having had a friend, and then lost her. Suddenly, the pages of carefully written script that he had documented his journey on seemed worthless. There was no heart in those. Just intellectual knowledge and a profound memory. In an instant he decided on what he would do.

“Friends,” he began. “That word that I just employed to address you is so easily misused by us. In that case, it was a noun for you, my audience. However, there is so much more to the word ‘friend’ than a simple form of denomination. I learned this during my experience in the rainforest.

“You meet somebody at a school or church and a few words pass between you two. Perhaps after a few more of these meetings, you trade phone numbers, and you go home and tell people that you have made a new friend. Yet have you truly made a friend? In my opinion, I say no.

“I define a friend as somebody who loves you.” There was a murmuring in the crowd. “Romantically or otherwise.” The body of people was appeased. “A friend, in my definition of the word, is somebody who is willing to sacrifice to make you a better person, to help you. Not in meagre ways like holding open a door. Rather somebody that is willing to give up their own time to come to watch you at a recital that maybe they’re not even interested in.

“A friend is someone who will stick by your side, even if you are cold, hard, or harsh. Someone who believes enough in you to try and bring out your good side. When you are friends with someone, you have more than their phone number. You have their respect, a camaraderie exists, you know you can trust your friend because he knows he can trust you. And even when you break that trust, a friend is somebody who still continues to have faith in you.

“Thank you.”

And amidst the thunderous applause that followed, Nathaniel silently bowed his head to hide from the prying glass eyes of the cameras his watery eyes.

Tours yruly


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