Galactic Battles: Nightmare: Final Fight

GUYS! The SECOND LAST CHAPTER!!! Can you believe it?! I certainly can’t. Just imagine! This story was spawned from CW8! Wow. I really just can’t imagine how far this has come. Anyways, this one is definitely a longer chapter, and yes, next chapter will truly be the end of Nightmare. Sniff. Not really. XD I’m merely sad because after this means I’ll have to EDIT this story, and I. Hate. Editing. lol, enjoy! 😀

It was strange seeing a black light source lighting up the darkness surrounding them. The whirring of the deadly weapons was almost like a beautiful dance, and the ironic contrast between the murderous intent of the duelers and their graceful moves through the air was excruciating. Jayna was dumbfounded, and even Derson for once was at a loss as to what he should say.

If it had not been his friend he was watching, and if it had not been an old enemy his friend was facing, and if the fate of the galaxy had not been resting on the outcome of this fight, then Mako would have quite enjoyed the battle between Liam and the Imperetor. As it was however, it was not entertaining.

A screech of rage broke all of them from their reveries, and looking around hurriedly, Jayna locked on Cassie charging at them, her enerblade slicing through the air in an offensive figure eight pattern. Jayna instantly took on a defensive stance and awaited the onslaught. She recognized the figure eight and knew that if she could just…

Things happened too fast.

Cassie jumped, taking Jayna by surprise. The former’s figure eight pattern turned into a sweeping motion in front of her. A mental pull sent Jayna’s enerblade flying into a corner, and the young defen was preparing herself for death when an armored body came sailing out from nowhere and slammed Cassie out of flight.

Cassie shoved the lifeless com off her – who had unfortunately landed on her enerblade in his heroic maneuver – and stood up. Jayna pulled her enerblade back into her hand. Derson began firing. The betrayed defen charged with an agonized yell.


Meanwhile, in the air above, the Imperetor and Liam were engaged in a fierce battle. Dodging a cut to his head, Liam pushed off a wall and charged, cutting at the Imperetor’s waist. But Malvolent’s blade came down and stalled the progress of Liam’s weapon. He ground his teeth in frustration as the Imperetor kicked him in the side, using the momentum gained from that to shoot towards the wall. Liam too moved back towards the opposite wall and steadied himself.

Getting tired Nightmare?

Imperetor Malvolent’s deep voice echoed through Liam’s head like an unwanted guest’s footsteps echoed through empty halls. With a surge of mental energy, Liam pushed Malvolent out of his head and pushed off the wall. He flew towards the Imperetor, straight as an arrow, but a wave of invisible energy stopped him mid flight, and the next thing Liam knew, Malvolent’s enerblade was hissing as it cut through flesh.


Jayna would not have stood a chance. Cassie was dancing circles around her, and if Derson had not constantly been distracting Cassie by his random blaster fire, she would certainly have been killed. As it was, the defen was having a hard time even holding her own. Cassie’s enerblade seemed to be everywhere at once, attacking, defending, cutting, blocking. Jayna could not focus on one spot had she wanted to, for the glowing light emanating from Cassie’s blade kept interrupting her vision.

Then an object fell from above and landed between the two combatants. They ceased for a moment, puzzled, then both realized in the same instant that it was a foot, and they looked up. Sure enough, from the light given off by the enerblades, Liam was missing his foot.

Then Mako’s keen hearing caught the sound of a blaster shot. Cassie obviously heard it too, for she turned in the direction of Derson and caught the bullet in her enerblade. At the same time, she began extending the tip of her weapon in the direction of Derson, and once it was pointed towards him, pressed a secondary button. A laser bolt that could have come from a cannon sped towards the com.

Derson cursed and leaped aside, but not before the bolt took off his left arm. He screamed out in pain, and was sent flying as the projectile collided with the building and energy was sent flying everywhere. The building trembled in its foundations, and everybody stilled. However, the structure did not move again, and Jayna heaved a sigh of relief, oblivious to the stream of stone dust that was dribbling down from the underside of the disk in which they stood.

The Jayna rushed over to Derson’s side.  He was trembling in shock, only a stump of his shoulder left.

“Don’t worry. It’s going to be all right,” Jayna said, feeling helpless at her incapability to do anything.

Then Derson clutched her left arm in a vice like grasp with his good hand. She looked up and saw Cassie’s weapon coming down in a blow meant to hurt. With a desperate sweep, Jayna raised her enerblade just in time to block the attack from her former teacher. Before she could react, Cassie picked her up and tossed her towards the opposite wall with a mental grab. For a moment Jayna stood, then her lack of breath caught up with her and her legs gave way.


The exertion of resisting the Imperetor’s mental administrations was pain embroidered with suffering. Liam could feel himself once again losing grasp of his sanity, and he hated the feeling of helplessness that accompanied it. Grinding his teeth together, he swung madly at the Imperetor. No longer was Liam using any enerblade art. This was pure survival. He was fighting for his existence.

Imperetor Malvolent sensed Liam’s weakness, and pressed his advantage, adding more and more pressure…

Liam was almost in a daze now. He was feeling like a person does when he is dead tired, but does not want to go to sleep, so he’ll just just sit there, and before he knows it, he is blinking his eyes open. It was exactly the same with Liam. He was focusing all his strength on resisting Malvolent’s efforts, but just when he thought he’d succeeded for a moment, he would jerk mentally and find that the Imperetor had gained a foothold.

But Liam had a trump card that he had not played. In a lull of cerebral energy, just after he had once again pushed the Imperetor from his mind, he called out in a strangled voice.

“Cassie! Now!”


“Release the batch of DAMARC Type N’s.” Even surrounded by life-sustenance fluid, Liam’s enhanced senses could detect the sound of the human. His mind had already been programmed with a basic knowledge of GUL, and thus the talking of the scientists as they bustled at their control panels was easily understood by him.

“Do you think they’ll work?” one said.

“Sure they will. If Type N is half as successful as Type M was, then they most certainly will work.”

“Releasing Type N DAMARCS.” This statement was made by the speech synthesizer located within speakers hidden in corners of the room as the glass walls surrounding the DAMARCS in their individual tube chambers lowered and they were evacuated from what had been their home for two years along with a mass of fluid.

The scientists looked on excitedly as Liam’s humanlike from struggled to its feet. He slowly blinked his eyes open and examined his hands and legs, his mind, advanced for someone two years of age, comparing his external physical structure to that of the humans around him. There seemed to be no difference.

Then a sound caused Liam to look down lengthwise in his chamber. Four more DAMARCS just like him were struggling to their feet. Another five lay dead on the floor. As his brethren finally reached a standing position, the scientists broke into loud cheers.They began clapping each other on the back and shaking hands warmly.

One of the two scientists from before spoke.

“This is even better than Type M!”

“I kno–” his companion’s exuberant reply was cut off as with a scream of rage, two of the DAMARCS set on each other.

“Quick!” This was the lead scientist. “Gas them! We cannot have the specimens destroy each other.”

A gas was released into the glass chamber, but it did nothing to the DAMARCS. Liam, ignoring the fumes that now surrounded him, watched his two companions battle with a curious expression on his face. His mind was working rapidly, analyzing the two combatants and with a predatory analysis, determining how best to take them and the rest down and out.

Then one of the two Type N DAMARCS bit into his opponent. Instantly the smell of blood flooded the air; its passage through space hastened by the gas fumes. This awoke the savage inside Liam, and he prepared to join in the fight when suddenly he felt something strange happening to him. His arms bulged as did the rest of his body, and inside he felt like he was going to burst at the seams. Then he did burst at the seams, and he screamed out in blissful agony as his skin lacerated.

Deep within his mind, past all the pain, he realized that his companions were undergoing the same acute torture. Then Liam fell back, his skin wide open revealing the flesh and muscles beneath. Despite appearing unconscious, Liam still recalled seeing blurs as the scientists lifted the lid off the containment chamber and shook their heads and the dead DAMARCS that lay within. He still remembered their surprise at him still being alive, for he was lying in a veritable pool of blood.

Then his eyes closed, but he could still see! No, he was not seeing, but somehow, he was able to construct a complicated three dimensional structure of his surroundings within his head. He could even move around mentally inside that structure as if he was actually inside it.

The scientists had gently lifted him out of the tank and placed him on an operation table. Then quickly they had sewed his skin back together, all the while talking about how they could cover up their failure.

“It was the exposure to blood that triggered it,” one of the scientists said.

“This will not work if he becomes weak every time he smells blood!”

“Maybe he can be trained to control it.”

“You’re right…. You’re right! Send him to the Trainers.”

So he had been bundled aboard a spaceship and flown off towards the ‘Trainers’, whoever they were. Along the way however, they had been hit by an asteroid and crash landed on a strange planet. Everybody but him had died, and even he was wounded unto death, but a group of people had arrived, and one of them, a woman, had taken pity on him, and he soon learned to call her mother.

Then had come the day he had killed his neighbor’s daughter. Once again he had transformed into that terrible form, but this time, he had control. He was able to ignore the pain that came with such transmogrification, and batter out all his unaccountable rage on the helpless form that was his neighbor’s daughter. Then, with his regenerative abilities, he had healed himself, but none of his abilities had helped when his mother was killed; and it had been his fault. His fault…

He had run. What else could he have done? He no longer had a home, no longer had his mother, so he had run. And in his rage, he had leveled the whole village with a wave of mental energy. This was his mistake. The Imperetor had come, sensing Liam’s power, and using his own power, Malvolent had twisted Liam into a personal sidekick…


But now, as the keywords left Liam’s mouth, he knew the time had come for the Imperetor to pay. And through the Imperetor, Liam was striking at his creators who had been disbanded so long ago. This would not bring solace. No–- Vengeance never brought anything but more pain. But in his predatorily mind, one without morals, a monster created by man who had risen on a pedestal of pride such that they thought themselves capable of creating living creatures, Liam had one objective, to bring the same pain everybody had brought him to the Imperetor. He would make Malvolent pay; just as he had once before.

Tours yruly.


2 thoughts on “Galactic Battles: Nightmare: Final Fight

  1. Ahh, this was really good! I feel like a lot of stuff came together in this chapter. I am curious to know why Liam yelled, “Cassie! Now!” if she’s his enemy?

    ~Kaytee Green


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