SA 6 – Long Years

So this is really short because the character I chose has only had a short time in the story as of yet. However, I thought it would give you guys an interesting perspective on my story, so feel free to reread the last part of chapter 6 of Twist from the perspective of… AB 34. Enjoy. 🙂


My sensors slowly whirred into consciousness. It had been so long since the People shut us down. Years and years ago, according to my chronometer, they had built this temple to their glory. Then they had constructed us to guard it. We were made for protection and maintenance of the temple, for the People had no wish for their glory to be forgotten.

Looking around at the broken piles of parts that were my companions, it seemed quite obvious that the glory of the People had long gone disappeared in history. I stood to my feet, my joints creaking. A quick scan of my functions showed me that the belts controlling my movement were worn and tattered. Then I extended my sensors further to discover what had awakened me.

Ahh, lifeforms; of the same species as the People. Three of them. And they were approaching; fast! My defensive countermeasures instantly started up, and I gave my flamethrower a test; but it did not work. All my other defensive functions had been broken. So, I decided to resort to subterfuge.

I exited the temple and began heading towards the lifeforms. They were staring at me, and I caught myself thinking that the knowledge the People once had must have deteriorated. The leader was putting something in his shirt. I extended my senses and found to my astonishment that he had picked up a piece of the artifact! My fuel boiled with rage. How dare he! Oh how I longed to rip his head from its resting place on his body.

But I could not. There were three of them, and I was old and rickety. Then I thought of what I had planned, and smiled internally. They had no idea. I spoke:

“I am AB 34, guardian of the celestial temple of the People, and you have just retrieved a piece of the Artifact. Please come with me.”


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