SA5 – Specter’s Scrawl a.k.a Moving Out

Well, using a random number generator, I decided to do my SA5 on your story Elise. For the rest of you, go check out her epic story! Anyways, this assignment was a ghost write, thus the “Specter’s Scrawl”, where we write what we think the next chapter of a classmate’s novel will be like. I must say that I had a bunch of fun with this assignment, and Elise, if you end up watching the video I made of me doing this, once again I apologize for missing chapter 2 of your story! 


Nola was in an emotional turmoil. All around her was a scene of perfect chaos. Arima was wandering around, hugging a Hello Kitty doll tightly and occasionally scolding at Lea for following her too closely. Rachel was grumbling as she shoved some clothes into a luggage. Oscar was discussing the situation with Mrs. Kincaid, while Nola and Jack worked side by side at loading the essentials into the numerous worn suitcases that were scattered across the living room floor.

For the short time period that she had come to know this family, she had found herself growing very close to them. She had been particularly drawn towards Mrs. Kincaid, with her gentle, motherly manner. Rachel was a bit of a puzzle to Nola though. Rachel always seemed to be complaining about something, such as not having a cell phone, and her mother’s restrictions, but Nola did not see anything to complain about. She herself had lived her life under constant pressure and terror of what might happen to her if she was caught.

Nola shuddered.

She had been so close to getting caught. She had been caught in fact. This was the second time in the past three days. Sure there had been attempts before, but never so close together. They must have a way of tracking her. How could they though? Nola was afraid, and though she thought herself selfish for feeling this way, she realized that the company of the Kincaid family gave her comfort. All this time, she had been alone, by herself, with the occasional government agent’s visit. Now though– it was all new to her. After tumbling over several emotions in her mind, Nola grasped one and decided that she was feeling sorry that she had brought such trouble upon the Kincaid family.

“Hey Nola!” it was Jack. “Help me stuff this in that luggage will ya?” he tossed a couple of cds towards her. Nola caught a glimpse of the covers as they flashed through the air, and realized they were music albums. She caught one deftly, but the other slipped through her fingers, and hit Rachel on the ankle.

It couldn’t really have hurt very much, but Rachel snapped, “Jack! Is your head stuffed full of cotton balls? Don’t you know better than to throw your stupid cds around?”

“Aw just stow it Rachel,” Jack said, annoyed, not that he had hit his sister – for there was no lost love between them – but that his treasured musical track might have been damaged.

“Don’t you tell me what to do!”

“I’ll do whatever I want. Freedom of speech, remember?”

“Stop it right now you two,” Mrs. Kincaid commanded, stepping in. None of them thought to argue with her, and she smiled sheepishly at Nola. “Sorry you had to witness that little family altercation.”

Nola smiled back sweetly. “It’s perfectly fine, Mrs. Kincaid. I only wish that I wasn’t causing your family so much trouble.”

“No trouble at all,” Oscar said, heisting one of the now packed luggages off the ground. Nola found herself wondering why he had done that, when he could merely have just rolled it along the floor, but she wasn’t given much time to think.

“Here,” Rachel shoved a bag into Nola’s arms.

Nola nearly dropped it, at the unexpected weight, caught herself, and turning, hurried to the open car after Oscar. The trundling of a luggage followed her, and looking around, Nola saw Jack coming after her. He had his earbuds in his ears, and plugged into his iPod and was nodding his head slightly to the groove. Nola found herself smiling slightly at the funny picture he presented. Then she bumped into a wall, and turning around found herself facing Oscar. He looked down at her.

“Careful there Nola.”

Murmuring apologies, Nola hurried past him and deposited her burden inside the open trunk of the car. The rest of the baggage was loaded soon afterwards, and locking the door behind her, Mrs. Kincaid surveyed the children before her with the eyes of a officer. To the children, it seemed like she was purposefully putting them on their toes, but in reality, she was steeling herself for this new event. Then, having readied her own nerves, she spoke quietly and calmly.

“Everybody get in the car. Arima, you help Lea into her booster seat, Jack you si–”

“Mom,” Rachel said, as Jack wandered aimlessly into his customary seat. “We know how to get in the car.”

Mrs. Kincaid seemed perturbed, but it was only for a moment. Then she muttered something to herself and got in the driver’s seat, beside Oscar, who was sitting in the front seat, and, turning the key in the ignition started the car. Nola sat where she had travelled with them before, and after a preliminary check from Mrs. Kincaid, the latter drove off.

Five minutes into the drive, Arima burst into tears.

“What is it dear?” Nola asked.

“My– my kitty. I left it behind.”

Nola was quiet. She didn’t know how to handle the situation. But, Mrs. Kincaid, being the prepared mother that she was, and having faced similar occurrences in the past, had an emergency remedy.

“Oscar, the glove box.”

“Yes Mom,” Oscar said, reading his mother’s mind, as he opened the compartment in front of him. Inside it was another Hello Kitty toy. He passed it to Nola who presented to Arima. Instantly Arima stopped crying and hugging the toy to her chest, began whispering about how worried she had been to it.

“Where are we going, Mom?” Rachel asked.

“To the safe house.”

“Cool!” Oscar said. “I didn’t know we have a safe house.”

“You don’t,” Mrs. Kincaid said. “I do. It’s from when I worked as a secret service agent. Nobody knows where it is,” she continued reassuringly to Nola. “Don’t worry Nola, nobody will find you there.”

Nola doubted that; very much.


Tours yruly


2 thoughts on “SA5 – Specter’s Scrawl a.k.a Moving Out

    • lol. There is NO WAY I could write this story better than you could. Being the original author, you’re the only person who can get this story right; and I mean only. Me, I just put my rendition on it. I’m sure your NP5 is amazing. 😀

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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