Interview with Charles II

The shortest interview yet!

Interviewer: Well, hello again Charles.

Charles winks.

Charles (grinning): ‘ello.

Interviewer: So, what did you think of Katherine?

Charles (frowns slightly): Well, I dunno. I don’t really undurstand how sh’could go t’sleep an’ wekkup screaming. Issabit strange. An’ what did Nath’niel mean by the ol’ hag?

Interviewer: It’s a kind of nightmare.

Charles (wrinkles forehead): Nightmare? S’like when she goes t’sleep she gets bad dreams?

Interviewer: Yes, sort of. What did you think about Pastor Seth’s pamphlet?

Charles grins.

Charles: Well, that’s s’mthing I can undurstand. He’s a mishon’hairy, so ‘ewas trying t’vangalize me.

Interviewer: I see. So you were not affected in any way by it?

Charles: Essept figuring out m’English reading hasn’t improved, no.


Tours yruly


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