SA4 – Mad lib

I can’t wait to see the ones you guys make!


  1. ____ (proper noun) abbr.: (p_noun)
  2. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  3. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  4. ____ (verb ending with “ed”) abbr.: (-ed_verb)
  5. ____ (verb ending with “ed”) abbr.: (-ed_verb)
  6. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  7. ____ (adjective) abbr.: (adj)
  8. ____ (verb ending with “ing”) abbr.: (-ing_verb)
  9. ____ (preposition) abbr.: (prep)
  10. ____ (proper noun) abbr.: (p_noun)
  11. ____ (adjective) abbr.: (adj)
  12. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  13. ____ (adverb) abbr.: (adv)
  14. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  15. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  16. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  17. ____ (verb) abbr.: (verb)
  18. ____ (adverb) abbr.: (adv)
  19. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  20. ____ (verb) abbr.: (verb)
  21. ____ (adjective) abbr.: (adj)
  22. ____ (adjective) abbr.: (adj)
  23. ____ (noun) abbr.: (noun)
  24. ____ (verb ending with “ed”) abbr.: (-ed_verb)
  25. ____ (adverb) abbr.: (adv)

When ____ (p_noun) arrived, and saw the ____ (noun) the ____ (noun) ____ (-ed_verb) in, she almost ____ (-ed_verb) to give up the ____ (noun), but some ____ (adj) feeling kept her ____ (-ing_verb), and she headed ____ (prep). The chilly ____ (p_noun) air nipped her ____ (adj) ____ (noun) as she stepped ____ (adv) around piles of ____ (noun). Jenny heard a ____ (noun) and whirled around as some ____ (noun) ____ (verb) ____ (adv) from a ____ (noun), then she ____ (verb) a ____ (adj) ____ (adj) ____ (noun) from behind her and ____ (-ed_verb) around ____ (adv).

And here is where that came from:

When Jenny arrived, and saw the junkyard the hobo lived in, she almost decided to give up the mission, but some nagging feeling kept her going, and she headed in. The chilly December air nipped her bare skin as she stepped carefully around piles of garbage. Jenny heard a rattling and whirled around as some garbage slid down from a pile, then she heard a low throated rumbling from behind her and turned around slowly.

And, just for the sake of the extreme:

(article) abbr.: (art)
(possessive noun) abbr.: (pos_noun)
(number) abbr.: (#)
(conjunction) abbr.: (conj)

____ (art) ____ (noun) ____ (-ed_verb) ____ (p_noun) ____ (be_verb) ____ (verb) ____ (adverb) ____ (art) ____ (noun) ____ (adv) ____ (pos_noun) ____ (noun) ____ (#) ____ (noun) ____ (adv), ____ (adv) ____ (prep) ____ (art) ____ (adj), ____ (pronoun) ____ (verb) ____ (art) ____ (noun). ____ (conj) ____ (pronoun) ____ (be_verb) ____ (adv) ____ (adj) ____ (adv) ____ (noun); ____ (pronoun) ____ (be_verb) ____ (art) ____ (adj) ____ (noun). ____ (adv) ____ (p_noun) ____ (-ed verb) ____ (adv) ____ (prep) ____ (art) ____ (noun), ____ (conj) ____ (adj) ____ (noun) ____ (be_verb) ___ (adv) ____ (adv) ____ (adj) ____ (adv), ____ (conj) ____ (art) ____ (adj) ____ (noun) ____ (-ed_verb) ____ (adj) ____ (noun).

And here is where that came from:

A man named Xaxin was wading through the swamps around his house one day when, all of a sudden, he saw a crocodile. But it was not just any crocodile; it was an enormous crocodile. Cautiously Xaxin backed away from the beast, though his motions were apparently not cautious enough, for the great beast opened one eye.

If you did the last one, then you’re amazing, because I would have no patience for anything of the sort!


Tours yruly


4 thoughts on “SA4 – Mad lib

  1. Sweet!! So this is what I came up with:
    When Stanley arrived, and saw the bookshelf the button sacked in in, she almost ambled to give up the hippo, but some slimy feeling kept her yodeling, and she headed through. The chilly Sally air nipped her salty jukebox as she stepped superstitiously around piles of pancakes. Stanley heard a duct tape and whirled around as some screwdriver whistled grouchily from a pencil, then she dove a precarious, ludicrous jeans from behind her and laughed around ravenously.
    Mad libs are just too funny! (sorry, but I refuse to complete that last insane one. You have too much time on your hands.)
    Anna B.


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