Interview with Nathaniel III

Well honestly, Nathaniel is the meanest person on earth without actually being evil, but y’know, whatever. 😉

Interviewer: Um… Hi?


Nathaniel (annoyed): What kind of an answer do you expect to a question like that?


Interviewer: It wasn’t a question. So, how long have you suspected Elaina blamed herself for her mother’s death?


Nathaniel: Exactly three days after I met her.


Interviewer: Why did you never confront her before?


Nathaniel: There was no point.


Interviewer: Why did you confront her now?


Nathaniel: She’s in a group with me. I need to know everything about everyone.


Interviewer: Why do you think Elaina blames herself?


Nathaniel (frowns): I do not share my theories.


Interviewer: What do you think of Katherine?


Nathaniel: She’s running from something.


Interviewer: Surely you mean someone?


Nathaniel: I mean what I said.


Interviewer: Why are you heading to the campsite?


Nathaniel: It’s the only place the two students would have visited?


Interviewer: What do you have against Charles?


Nathaniel: He’s weak and stupid.


Interviewer: And what gives you the right to say that?


Nathaniel: My eyes.


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