Interview with Katherine II

Well, the most dynamic character in the story! I honestly hope I’m not pushing it too far, but y’know (I’m talking like Charles now, slurring my words. Oh no!) I gotta make the characters memorable.

Interviewer: Hello Katherine, how are you?


Katherine looks thoughtful.


Katherine (puzzled/innocent voice): I don’t know, how would I be?


Interviewer: Um– Never mind. You did not play a big part this chapter, what were you doing in the cabin?


Katherine looks even more puzzled.


Katherine: In the cabin?


Interviewer: Yes.


Katherine suddenly gets a haunted look on her face. She glances around nervously.


Katherine (whispers): I was scared.


Interviewer: What of?


Katherine: I– I can’t say. It would kill me!


Interviewer: Shh… shh… there’s nothing here that can hurt you.


Katherine suddenly becomes imperious.


Katherine (commanding): Who said I would get hurt? Do I look weak?


Interviewer: W–ell you did say… Forget it. What did you think of Charles’ apparent recognition of you?


Katherine returns to her frightened expression.


Katherine: It’s after me…. It sees– everything. How? I don’t know. It’s all-knowing– like– like an author.


Interviewer: What are you talking about?


Katherine takes a shaky breath, then suddenly a grin spreads across her face.


Katherine (smiling): Oh, just nonsense you know?


Tours yruly


2 thoughts on “Interview with Katherine II

  1. I think Katherine is my favourite character so far (and yes, I might be a little biased). The sense of mystery surrounding her appeals to me.

    ~Kaytee Green


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