Interview with Elaina III

Yeah, I kinda wreck Elaina’s day. Am I really getting as bad as Nathaniel? I hope not. But wait, you guys have no idea what I’m talking about yet. Just read the interview and you’ll understand. 😀

Interviewer: Hello Elaina.


Elaina (smiling): Hello!


Interviewer: What’s making you so happy?


Elaina: I just stumped Nathaniel!


Interviewer: In what manner?


Elaina: Well, first I hired Charles, then I left him wondering about– (softly) about his question.


Interviewer: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but he already has a theory about that.


Elaina (shocked): What? No! You could have at least let me bask in my victory for five minutes. You’re as bad as Nathaniel.


Interviewer: You have no idea how bad Nathaniel is. Why do you blame yourself for your mother’s death?


Elaina glares at the Interviewer.


Elaina: Do you think I’d tell you?


Interviewer: Apparently not. What makes you stick with such an annoying character as Nathaniel?


Elaina: I– I’m looking for something.


Interviewer: You sound confused.


Elaina: No! I’m not confused. I’m never confused, and unlike Nathaniel, I’m more than half human.


Tours yruly


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