Interview with Charles

Well, it certainly takes more effort to write Charles’ dialogue and hope that it’s consistent. 😀


Interviewer: Hello Charles.


Charles grins crookedly.


Charles: ‘ello. (wonderingly) Am I in an interview then?


Interviewer: Yes. What do you think of your new passengers?


Charles (thoughtfully): Well, ifall am’ture d’ectives bae’like Nathaniel, then I don’t think I like ‘em very much. Elaina’s nice though. Katherine’s coorious.


Interviewer: So, where is this campsite that Nathaniel asked you to take them?


Charles (relaxed and grinning): Oh, it just bae a li’el place dun the river war a lot of ‘em folks that come from ‘merica go.


Interviewer: I see. How often do you get a job that pays like this?


Charles: Well, they come an’ go. S’mtimes I get plenty of jobs. Othar times, I don’t get enough to eat.


Interviewer: Why did you think you’d seen Katherine before?


Charles: Y’know, faces r’all the same, an’ she reminded me of s’mbody.


Interviewer: What do you think an amateur detective is?


Charles: Well, I figure issabit like n’expeditioner except that maybe is a little on the crook side y’know?


Interviewer: Yes, I see. What kind of education have you gotten?


Charles: Nothin’ much y’know. My pops, he warn’t very rich, s’I just picked up whatever I could.


Interviewer: I see, what relatives do you still have living?


Charles: None of them r’still alive.


3 thoughts on “Interview with Charles

    • Yeah, he’s got a bit of a sad backstory, but that will be revealed later on. ;D

      Well, that’s good. I wouldn’t like his dialogue to break the reader out of the pace of the story, yet I want to give that idea of broken English. 😉

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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