The Annals of Jackson Jones

Okay, yeah, I know I honestly shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m not very smart. Basically, I’ve had a new idea. I plan to write a story, or rather a series of stories, about a character called Jackson Jones. He is heavily based on Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, and quite a few characters of popular fiction. Basically, in each installation he will be solving a mystery. Each mystery will link to a bigger mystery. It will kind of be like a television show, except it’s not television. So, I wrote this prologue, and I want your guys’ feedback. Do you think you’ll read it and comment? Or do you think you’ll just read it? Or are you not interested in the idea at all?


He sat slouched in his chair, the brim of his pale grey Stetson pulled low and his overcoat spread wide enough for the bullwhip attached to his hip to be seen. A thin wisp of smoke gently ascended the air above the bowl of the pipe that stuck out from his mouth. Then taking his pipe out of his mouth, he brought a glass of white wine to his mouth.

The door he was facing opened, and putting the glass of wine he held down, he returned its pipe to his mouth. A man, silhouetted by the moonlight from outside closed the door, then turning, started when he saw the intruder in his house.

“Sauvignon blanc, an excellent vintage,” the seated man said. “You have good taste.”

“Who are you?” the standing man asked nervously, his right hand sneaking to the gun in his hip pocket.

The man he addressed did not seem to notice.

“Alright boys, he’s all yours, case solved,” and the intruder, getting to his feet, doused his pipe and tucked it into his pocket.

“Well sir,” an officer said, as two other police officers rushed from behind curtains and seized the arms of the criminal before he managed to draw his gun. “Congratulations on a brilliant success. May I ask who you are?”

The tall man took a deep draught from his wine glass, then he faced the officer.

“The name’s Jackson. Jackson Jones.”

As Jackson left the house, the officer looked down at the glass of wine that had somehow gotten into his hand. He took a sniff, then shrugging, drained the remains of the wine.


And there you go, so tell me what you think, and please vote in the poll. Thanks!



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