Interview with Nathaniel II

Elaina’s interview is coming up shortly. I’m not really sure if this gives more insight into the story as to Nathaniel’s character, but whatevs. Hopefully you enjoy Nathaniel verbally beating me up. 😛


Interviewer: Hello again.
Nathaniel gives the interviewer his why-are-you-here-again stare.
Nathaniel: Hello.
Interviewer: So what do you think of this new development?
Nathaniel: Nothing.
Interviewer: Nothing? Well then, you seem to enjoy breaking your rule; what’s your excuse for Katherine?
Nathaniel: Your audacity is astounding, and if it was permitted, I would leave right now.
Interviewer: You haven’t exactly answered my question….
Nathaniel: And?
Interviewer: Nothing. Do you think Katherine was the woman on the plane?
Nathaniel: She obviously was. Didn’t you take notice of her?
Interviewer: I ask the questions. Do you think she was afraid of flying?
Nathaniel: The short answer is yes.
Interviewer: And the long answer would be?
Nathaniel: I am not given to long answers.
Interviewer: So I noticed. What do you think of Elaina’s resistance to bringing Katherine along?
Nathaniel: She has to learn who is in charge.

4 thoughts on “Interview with Nathaniel II

  1. “Your audacity is astounding, and if it was permitted, I would leave right now.” *tears* XD
    Ah, so funny!! I hope you enjoyed getting beaten up by your own character ;D
    Anna B.


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