Interview with Elaina II

Well, here’s Elaina’s perspective on things current. I feel like I’m giving too much away with these, but oh well…. Enjoy! 🙂


Interviewer: Hello Elaina.


Elaina (dully): Hello.


Interviewer: Nathaniel sapped you of your energy already?


Elaina: No… well, sort of.


Interviewer: I understand. He’s a depressing character to be around. What do you think of Katherine?


Elaina: She– Well– I don’t like it.


Interviewer: What, that he’s bringing another woman along, or that he did not agree with you?


Elaina: Um… both I guess.


Interviewer: So, do you think Katherine will be a hindrance?


Elaina tosses her head defiantly.


Elaina: Well, if Nathaniel is trying to up the competition, then it’s not working.


Interviewer: Okay. What did you think of the detective’s warning?


Elaina: It was kind of creepy, then I realized that this is an old case, and we aren’t going to see any dead bodies except those that are in photos.


Interviewer: True. Did you manage to make a connection between the woman on the plane and Katherine?


Elaina: Yes I did. I mean I talked to her, of course I would know. I assume Nathaniel knew as well?


Interviewer: Yes, yes he did know. Well, I’m sure you’ll get more chances to pit your wits against Nathaniel.


Elaina: I hope so.


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