Interview with Katherine

Well, I figured may as well begin the interviews with the newest character. As you can see, Katherine is quite a complicated character, and I hope that will come through in my story.


Interviewer: Hello Katherine.


Katherine looks down, one of her fingers curling a strand of hair.


Katherine: Hi.


Interviewer: So, was it you on the plane?


Katherine: Me– On the plane?


A shadow flits across Katherine’s face.


Interviewer: Yes, you.


Katherine (softly): I think I was on the plane.


Interviewer: Why were you so scared?


Katherine takes a deep breath. Then her eyes flash.


Katherine (cold): Did you say I was scared?


Interviewer: N– no. It’s nothing. Why did you want to join Nathaniel and Elaina?


Katherine: They seem to know what they’re doing.


Interviewer: What did you think of Elaina’s– hesitation?


Katherine: It does not make a difference.


Interviewer: You seem– mercurial.


Katherine takes another breath, then flashes the interviewer a brilliant smile.


Katherine (enthusiastic): Mercurial? I like the sound of that.


Interviewer: Do you change your mood often like this?


Katherine: Change my mood?


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