SA 1 – America’s Got Talent

Well hello! Today we had to write about one of our characters from our novel in a reality tv show. I chose Nathaniel and America’s Got Talent. Honestly, even after watching like a million Youtube video clips, I still don’t really know how it works. I kept the judges anonymous, just because I didn’t feel like committing to names. Hope you guys enjoy. 🙂


“Welcome to America’s Got Talent! What is your name?”

“I am Nathaniel Aberth.” Nathaniel looked as impeccable as ever in his business suit.

“And what will you be doing for us today?” the judge asked with a smile that did not reach his eyes. These were the preliminary rounds, and the amount of ridiculous failures had past excess by so much that they were no longer funny; the board of judges could not wait to get it over with. The past five contestants in a row had all met with disaster, and the board prepared themselves for the worst.

“I will be demonstrating the skills of logic and deduction. For this, I will need a volunteer.” Nathaniel’s eyes surveyed the crowd, then abruptly he looked at the judges. “Let’s make this as hard as we can shall we?” and he called out the name of the judge who had accosted him.

“Welcome to the stage sir.” Nathaniel said. “First, allow me to begin speaking about the skills of deduction. Deduction is a connection of present facts to determine past events. It is a skill used throughout all walks of life.” The judge in the middle moved her hand towards the X button, but stopped at Nathaniel’s sudden change of subject.

“May I inquire as to the name of your dog?” Nathaniel said calmly to his volunteer.

“My– my dog?” the judge stuttered.

Nathaniel was not a bit flustered.

“Yes sir, your dog.”

“How did you– His name is Bandit.”

“You wear a bracelet with a dog bone dangling from it, and your maid was careless enough to leave a dog hair on the lapel of your jacket.”

“Have you been stalking me?” the judge said, his mouth a perfect ‘o’.

“No, I just assumed you had a maid since with your wealth, I doubt you iron your own clothes. You must be very fond of Bandit yes? Fond enough to allow him an exception to the rules?” Nathaniel asked, an eyebrow going up fractionally.

“You– That’s impossible.”

“It’s quite easy really. We have established you have a dog, you are wearing an eight hundred dollar jacket, and there are teeth marks all along the bottom edge. Also, your former easygoing nature at the beginning of this show indicates a freer spirit, one inclined to break small rules on occasion. The teeth marks on the bottom edge have obviously been made through time, since some are more frayed than others, and as you are a judge, I believe you are firm, so had you really wanted your dog not to bite your jacket, I’m certain either you or a trainer would have taught it not to do that by now.”

“I– I don’t believe it.”

“Few people do. But that’s the beauty of deduction, it’s simple logic, yet so many are impressed by it. And I believe that is my time. Thank you all very much.”

The crowd burst into applause at this, while the judge returned to his seat.

“So Nathaniel,” the judge who had been so close to pressing the X said. “I just want to quickly make sure this is not a fraud. Do you mind?”

Nathaniel’s face darkened momentarily. He hated being doubted, he hated having his reasoning questioned. Then again, it was a competition.

“It’s perfectly fine. That is a treasured sweater that you’re wearing I see. Perhaps once belonging to your mother?”

The judge gasped.

“The explanation is quite simple. The sweater is old and out of style. It is, to be blunt, before your time. Also, according to what I have seen of you in previous shows, this does not match your method of dress. So, in order to wear something that you would not normally wear, and something that is from an outdated fashion, it takes a special quality. Since it dates back to around the time of your mother, I assumed it came from her.”

The audience roared with applause, all of them standing up at this remarkable show of skill that had previously only been heard of in stories of Sherlock Holmes.

“Well– I am just amazed Mr. Aberth.” the judge said. “Your observations are simply remarkable, and though you give an explanation for each one of them, I cannot fathom how you come upon them. It’s a yes from me.”

“May I be allowed to talk?” Nathaniel’s former volunteer said. Receiving a nod, he continued. “You have simply astounded me tonight Nathaniel. When you began, I thought with sinking heart that this would be another failure, but as this good woman has said over here, your observations are remarkable, they are original, and I would certainly like to see you again. It’s a yes.”

“So,” the third judge cut in. “I believe little more needs to be said. You have astounded us all today Mr. Aberth, and I agree completely with what the two before me have said. However, I think the key point is this: We are going to have a living Sherlock Holmes on this show. It’s a yes from me.”


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