SA3 – Hollingworth

I'm sure we all know the feeling.

I’m sure we all know the feeling.


First off, I am soo sorry that i have been unable to post these past few days! School has really kept me busy, and I just haven’t felt that drive to write. Still, I did manage to come up with this. It’s for an assignment where we had to, once again, predict the future. I am writing from the perspective of someone who has just read my novella.

I put down the book that I have just finished reading. As it leaves my hand for the table, the light reflects off the shiny embossed letters: ‘Twist.’ Indeed, the title suits it well. I did not see the twist coming at the end, and the climax had my heart pumping; the whole story kept my heart pumping. In fact, it was so addictive I could not put it down.

Even now as I think back over the plot, the aftertaste is something interesting to behold. I did not think I would have enjoyed a dark mystery, and first person combined with third person certainly seemed exceedingly unusual. Yet despite these odds, the story had successfully gripped me and surprised me in a way I have not known for a long time.

I felt myself relating to the different characters, feeling what they felt, and the confusion and pain caused by miscommunication was realistic and well-grounded. Though it followed the classic and cliché plot of good versus evil, there was a difference in the way the author went about it. This was no simple, straightforward forward book with a straightforward finish, and I could not figure out if the ending was classified as ‘happy’ or not.

My pondering brought me to the path of wishing for a sequel, then I caught myself. With many magnificent works, when one tries to add on to what was meant to be finished, it ruins it. So, though I wished that I might have known how the characters lived their lives after such a traumatic experience, I also realized that the author probably made the right choice in cutting off where he did.

Throughout the book were scattered numerous easter eggs, and it was both rewarding and pleasurable to find them. The author also made strong use of the “perfect cut” – taking advantage of chapter breaks to leave me in suspense. The story had a powerful and compelling plot, and though the setting changes from that of a school to the Amazon rainforest, the troubles and feelings the characters had were completely reasonable without exaggeration.

The characters were special each in their own way, and no two were the same. All through the book the characters’ pasts are slowly revealed, sometimes even hiding a twist of their own. There is a strong feeling that the people in this story could really be anybody from real life. Their backgrounds are strong and well built. Each character developed in some way, and it was rewarding to see how each person improved.

When the book had caught my eye on the shelf of my local library, I had thought nothing of it, but something had drawn me to it. I had taken the book of the shelf and was surprised to see what appeared to be a rosary on the front cover. I squinted at the picture again and realized that there was a bible verse on the cross. Flipping to the back I read the blurb. It was standard, dropping off in suspense. I liked the fact that it was a mystery, but apart from that, I felt that it would be the typical low-caliber story; I was never more wrong.

The instant I opened to the first page, I was hooked. I kept telling myself that I would put down the book at the end of the chapter to do the jobs that I really needed to do, but that was a terrible mistake. Every chapter left off at the most suspenseful moment, and I was unable to tear myself away from the book. It was as if the author himself had come and wound a terrible spell around me.

I was startled to find that really, though the main character seemed so dark and heartless, in reality, he reflected a lot of what I am. The situations the characters found themselves in were definitely relatable, and the author did a good job of not alienating the story. I felt everything the characters felt, and if I had not just read it, I would certainly read Twist again.


5 thoughts on “SA3 – Hollingworth

  1. *applause*
    wow. This is really great. The anonymous person reading Twist describes the suspense and characters so enticingly=0 and you keep talking about twists here and there, but I wanna know what they ARE!!! gaaah!!
    anyways, great job imagining a reader’s reaction. It was very realistic and said a lot about your story and ability to ‘wind a terrible spell around’ your reader ;D
    Anna B.
    (oh, BTW, about the picture and intro blurb…yes, I know that feeling, and no, you don’t have to apologize for getting caught up in schoolwork. You’re one of the most diligent bloggers, so no apologies!)


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