Pangram, aka Warm-Up-For-Twist

Well, we had an assignment to do a pangram, and this is what I came up with. I threw in some alliteration and tried to make it surprising. Guess I’m warming up to write Twist. Anyways… here’s the short story. Enjoy. 🙂


A man named Xaxin was wading through the swamps around his house one day when, all of a sudden, he saw a crocodile. But it was not just any crocodile; it was an enormous crocodile. Cautiously Xaxin backed away from the beast, though his motions were apparently not cautious enough, for the great beast opened one eye.


“Danger” was the one word that seemingly lazy eye reflected, but as if he was trapped in some great spell, Xaxin could not move. Every muscle in his body seemed solid, and he could not help but stare right back at the giant reptile. For five fleeting fractions of fully frozen time, Xaxin did not make any motion, then he continued backing away.


God seemed to favor Xaxin, for the crocodile disappeared from the surface of the swamp like a sinking ship disappearing beneath the surface of a stormy sea, and the adventurer breathed a sigh of relief. However, he had just heaved his heavy breath, when the crocodile resurfaced right next to him.


It gave a sort of yawn, almost casually, but something about the way the creature looked at Xaxin gave him the feeling that the crocodile was not beside him for the pleasure of his company. Just as Xaxin had almost given up hope of survival, the crocodile turned, and to Xaxin’s great astonishment, began speaking.


“Kind of you not to run away,” the crocodile said. Looking at Xaxin, it continued: “Most people run away when they see me, and it gets quite lonely out here in the swamps. No, I’m not going to eat you,” and here the crocodile gave a sort of bellowing laugh. “Oh, I’m too old for eating humans. Possibly to old for eating anything bigger than a fish. Quentin is my name, what’s yours?”


“Really?” Xaxin said, his voice full of disbelief. “Suddenly you, a crocodile, start talking to me, and you expect me to just give you my name? Tame or not, I’m not talking to a crocodile.”


“Um… you technically are talking to a crocodile.”


“Very amusing,” Xaxin said, crossing his arms.


“Well, it’s easy to see you don’t wish to talk to me, so I’ll leave.” the crocodile said, turning to swim away, then it turned and said. “Xaxin, things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes you have to believe in the unbelievable.”


“Yeah right!” Xaxin called after the retreating reptile. “Zoodaldy zabitty hoppity skip. See? Nothing happene–”


I know I know I know, an extra two sentences that don’t fit with the pangram, but I just had to put them there alright? Deal with it! No no no, I didn’t mean that, I’m so sorry, just– let me have some fun once in a while alright?


2 thoughts on “Pangram, aka Warm-Up-For-Twist

  1. LOL this was great!! The story’s rather silly, but if you really pay attention to how each sentence fits the pangram…..well, let me just say i’m impressed. Great job with this, Michael! The alliteration was hysterical XD
    Anna B.


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