Story Analysis of Twist

Whatup y’all? I’m lookin’ to the future mayn! lol. Anyway, this is a story analysis of Twist before I write it, so it’s interesting I guess? I’ve left out a bunch of details so that you guys won’t really know what’s going on, though of course Ms. Gaines gets the complete document. ]:) Hope this makes you guys want to read my story even more. 🙂


Creative Writing

Story Analysis Notes



Title:  Twist

Author: M3L6H



Genre: Mystery: strange happenings; Psychological: mental stuff; Adventure: exploration of ancient ruins; Survival: bare essentials in the wilderness; Thriller: heart pumping stuff; Christian: moral values and more; Dark: certainly not happy.


Audience: Teens


RATINGS: Teens 13+



Nathaniel Aberth is biased against members of the opposite gender. He is a martial arts expert and has congenital pain indifference, though he fakes pain to hide that fact. He is tall, 6’ 3”, has straight black hair, brown eyes, and dresses in suits always. He is eighteen years old and a serious genius in the deductive sense of genius. In his studies however, he gets barely passing grades.


Charles Agteroe is poor. He is not very smart, babbling on about madcap ideas and giving worthless and unhelpful remarks. He has brown close-cropped hair and black eyes. 


Katherine Verraaier is an twenty-three year old high school teacher with a fair dose of spanish blood. She is an author. She grows her black curly hair past her shoulders and has green eyes.


Elaina Cara is the daughter of a rich English family. She is the most popular person in her school and has shoulder length wavy blonde hair. She is extremely smart and is the teacher’s pet in every single class she attends. She is studying doctoring and is sixteen.


The Enemy– This is a mystery novel, not like I’m going to give free spoilers!


Point of View


Narrator – third person (not in the story) and a little first person


Write a sentence stating the time and place of the story. If nothing is mentioned, give your best estimate.


TIME – Sometime modern

PLACE – American high school in San Francisco, California; Amazon Rainforest; Temple


Plot Outline

Write a paragraph summarizing the story (6-8 sentences).


Nathaniel is a boy just leaving his teens with a taste for mystery and excitement. Elaina is a student in high school who is bored with life and has a knack for making friends. Katherine is a young teacher who seems to be surrounded with some sort of mystery, and Charles is a poor, rather silly seventeen year old making his living any way he can. This odd group is thrown together by two murders, both of which have strange symbols surrounding the crime scene. Their journey takes them into the depths of the Amazon Rainforest and from there into the abyss of a strange temple. When, however, the safety of the party is threatened, will Nathaniel be able to discover the key in time? Or will he make a horrible mistake and miss the Twist?



Blurb on the back of book, including key characters, plot, and theme


Teaser; no spoilers


Begin with the end in mind.

Avoid being predictable; include surprise twists


Recycled plots = Romeo and Juliet; West Side Story; Gnomeo and Juliet





What type of conflict do you see in the story? Give specific examples. Distinguish between major and minor conflicts.


I think I’ll keep the conflict general if you don’t mind. 


man vs. man

man vs. environment

man vs. himself

man vs. animal

man vs. society


opposing sides, natures, goals


internal conflict/external conflict – deeper meanings


hints to both



Conflict is best when it is LAYERED  building tension to a point of climax (3’s)




State the main theme or message of the story in universal terms that apply to everyone, regardless of age, race, or gender.


There’s always an unexpected Twist.


God’s mercy extends to all, no matter how much they have sinned.



Timeless or classic  message of truth  rooted in scripture


Love conquers all and your past doesn’t determine your future.


Moral to the story; life lesson

Should reflect Christian worldview




Literary Devices

List at least three different examples of literary devices used in the story.


I’ll go ahead and shoot for all of these and hope that I hit at least three.
















Shoot for at least 3!




What is your overall opinion of this story and why?


Your opinion matters! You need to OWN your work!


Consider the final impression you want to give your reader.


Give yourself a rating /5 stars


Honestly, who wouldn’t shoot for 5 stars?


Feedback: Well, honestly I want to surprise the reader, completely. A lot of stories today are really standard and easy to predict. I want to catch the reader completely by surprise. I probably won’t succeed, but I have my hopes. 



3 thoughts on “Story Analysis of Twist

  1. Well, that certainly was a mysterious SA! I was surprised when the setting went from high school to Amazon Rainforest=0 Now i’m really curious! And don’t say you ‘probably won’t succeed’ at surprising the reader!! I’m sure you’ll pull it off and have the entire class baffled 😉 Great job!
    Anna B.


    • Thanks! Yeah, well, let’s just say things get– interesting. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to do it. I mean, I’m setting myself to pull off something the best of the best have difficulty doing. And I want to add foreshadowing too. Still… I’ll do my best. 🙂

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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