J14 – Journalception With An Extra Bit Added So This Title Remains Original

When one journals on journaling, then it can be imagined that that person is either insane, or philosophical. However, when added to that fact, the title of the journal is something so flamboyant as the heading above, and the author does not enjoy journaling, then the chance that the writer is mentally challenged becomes more likely. But, the reader can be assured, that this is not the case. Rather, this is a school assignment. Despite the onerous beginning to this journal, I shall by and by attempt to explain my thoughts on the concept of journaling.

Now, I have never been an avid journal writer. Pardon me for going off on a tangent, but did you realize that the word ‘journaler’ does not exist? Anyways, that is beside the point. I have never been an keen ‘journaler’ because I’m truthfully not consistent enough. I write only because I want to (or I’m forced by school) and only when I have the inspiration. My life is honestly not very inspiring. I do not really do anything super exciting, or get into any big adventures. I’d much prefer chronicling about the adventures that take place in my imagination than writing about my own life.

Another reason I don’t write journals consistently is that I have a problem with facts. I hate memorizing facts. That’s why math is my favorites subject, because you can derive the greater portion of the facts from the basics. And so even the facts in my own life give me trouble. I have problems making them seem interesting to myself. It’s not that I’m bored with my life or anything like that. I enjoy my existence a lot. But that doesn’t mean that I really am up to writing about it. I’ve tried. Honestly, I’ve tried. But it always ends with my journal entries growing shorter and shorter, and then more spaced apart, and finally, they cut off.

However, that all being said, I recently finished listening to the series of audio books Little Britches and its sequel. This has inspired me to write an autobiography. I cannot assure you that it will be finished, or that anybody but me will ever see it. Still, I’m going to try– I promise– I think– I hope– I’ll try– I really don’t know how to end this….

Suitable– I hope?

Suitable– I hope?


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