A Minecraft Horror Story

Well this is a horror story based on the video game Minecraft. I might write a sequel if you guys think I should. Also, know that this is my first attempt at horror, so it’s probably really bad, but yeah, there you go. Enjoy. 🙂

The door to the mines slowly swung open, and the miner wearily stepped forth. His one point seven meters was bent to one point five, and his stone pickaxe hung loosely from his hands. Another day used up trying to find diamonds. He looked in his inventory. Just three cooked pork chop left. He would have to butcher some of his pigs tomorrow.

Looking up, he sighted the setting sun over the treetops. The western sky was lit with a fiery glow as the orange square set. Turning, the miner closed the door to his mines and bolted the latch. He was turning around when a sound made him stiffen. It was a mix between a moan and a groan. From his inventory, he drew an iron sword and peered into the forest. The sound was not repeated, and the miner turned and walked towards his house.

He was nigh onto sixty years old now, judging by the color of his hair and whiskers. Still, he was in fairly good shape, and as he unloaded the stacks of cobblestone he had mined he sighed and stretched. Life was good, he reflected. After all, he did have a pen of sheep, pigs, and cows outside, while his chicken coop was full to busting. Then he heard the groan again.

Seizing his sword from the chest he had laid it upon, he peered through the glass pane that filled his window. This time he scanned the forest for a full minute. It was time enough for the sun to set, and as the light from it disappeared, shadows in the woods started to shift and take form. The miner rubbed his eyes, stared for a few more seconds, then turned with a sigh. Time enough to investigate in the morning he figured, as he slowly ascended the stairs that led to his bedroom.

His sword lay on the crafting bench beside his bed, and he was about to lay down on the latter when his window panes rattled. A wisp of something shot past his window. He darted for his sword, and holding it in one hand, he grabbed a torch with another, and headed back downstairs. He kicked open the door and looked out into the dark night fog, held back only by the numerous torches he had mounted around his house.

“Hello!” He called out. “Is there anybody there?”

He froze as a dull raspy groaning sound came from behind him. Slowly he pivoted on his heels. His flower pot was revolving slowly. He took a step closer to it. Another step. And another.  One more step, and he reached his hand out, only to dart back as a face flashed at his window. Or was it a face? All he could remember was two glowing white orbs.

A wind rushed through the room, and he realized that he had forgotten to close his door. He rushed over and began shoving the door shut, but the more he pushed, the stronger the wind seemed to get. Until at last, he was blown back, and landed with a thud in the center of the room. His sword fell from his hand and landed a few feet away. He turned to reach for it, then chaos erupted.

The wind strengthened to gale like force, and all his torches went out, each with a loud poof. Then his window panes each smashed in, sprinkling glass all over the floor. Cracks ran through his ceiling, and giant chips of oak wood fell from it. The miner stared at the glass on the floor in shock. Then all at once, every shattered piece reflected a white light.

Two glowing white orbs; That was all the miner saw before he was killed.

I added these just in so those of you who don’t play minecraft will have a better idea of what is going on. NOTE: I do not own these videos.


2 thoughts on “A Minecraft Horror Story

  1. I love this!! My little brother plays mine craft PC all the time. A while back, he had it on his iPad, and he let me create my own world and do stuff. It’s actually strangely addicting! 😛


    • Thanks! 🙂 I see. Minecraft is really addicting. I do believe it is because of the boundless possibilities. There’s just so many things people have done with it. It’s like a lego that’s a hundred times better. 🙂

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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