J13 – Five Squared of December

December has come around, and with it Christmas in eight days! That’s extremely soon. In my family, we aren’t very formal, and Christmas usually involves a small celebration at home. We’ll purchase a tree, decorate it, cook up something special, wrap presents, and basically set the whole scene. There is always a feeling of anticipation and suspense before we go to bed. I can remember lying in bed wishing I would fall asleep so morning would “magically” come around. But, Christmas morn always comes around, despite my fears as to how long it takes, and we all wake up.

Then it is deciding how we should go about organizing the day. Whether we should open the presents first, or have breakfast first, or what. Once all that is sorted out, the next big event that is looked forward to is, of course, the opening of the presents. This is usually done in a structured manner, with my Dad taking presents out from under the tree, and handing them to whoever they are for. Thanks are exchanged, as each present is open, and the excitement rises to boundless heights.

Every Christmas is always a little different, be it the location, the way we go about doing things, or what actually happens on that day. That being said, I have no prominent memories. Rather, they are all blurred together in a picture of happy contentment, and celebration. However, one cannot forget the real meaning behind Christmas, and why it is actually celebrated, and though the gifts and joy is contagious, real joy should come from the fact that God decided to sacrifice his son’s life for us.


A digital painting by me!


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