What Fantasy Story Should I Write? (Conclusion)

Well, first off, even though I did say I would not be hurt if you chose the option to not write any of them, I’m glad that none of you did. 🙂 Next, I want to thank you all for voting, and I will get to work on the second chapter as soon as possible. Once again, thanks a lot guys!

Now, for a bit of background on the story that I will be writing. This story “The Order of the Blade,” is like my writing nemesis. Of all my stories (excluding CW12), it is the one I have tried to write the most. Now, you may have noticed a slight oddity between the chapter name and the content that was actually inside the chapter. That is my fault. I forgot to change the chapter name from a previous try at writing it, and so that is what you got. The actual chapter name is “Beginnings”. Back to the actual story.

“The Order of the Blade” is to be about an order forged to bring justice to _____. You didn’t think I would tell you that did you? mwahahahahaha. Now, if you haven’t already abandoned me, I will continue some more. The three characters we see are the base of that order. Markul and Ian are Wardens, an arcane society that is unknown, yet known. That abstract sentence meaning that it is known through out the land as a secret society, and is not received well since anything about it is relatively unknown. Davian is training to become a Warden. That is why Markul referred to his ‘lessons’. Well, that’s it for now. Cy’all in the next update!


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