J12 – Weddings (Oraiginal Ain’t Ait?)

Okay, I honestly have no idea where I was going with this. I could barely remember anything, and I didn’t want to “cheat” and ask my parents so I wrote from my memory, but– Oh, I may as well just let you read it.

I’m not going to cheat. I won’t ask my parents what the wedding was like. Instead I’m going to see how much I can remember. And can I say how much I appreciate that CW12 is over and done with? It feels so good to write with e’s. Man! That was a tough assignment, but anyway, I’m getting sidetracked.

I’ve been to two weddings (I think). I’m only going to tell about one, because– just because okay? Now stop annoying me, I’m trying to remember. Okay, so, we were in a room. Yes, that’s a good start. We were in a room with a lot of people in it. They were all gathered in little clusters chatting. Little snacks were laid out all over the place. I think I was talking with my cousins. Come on guys! Give me a break okay? I was like what, three? Okay, maybe not three, but it was a long time ago okay?

Okay, here comes the part I’m really worried about. I can’t remember which came before which, so I’m just going to say them in a random order and hope it’s right. I know alright! This is bad, don’t make it worse. Seriously guys.

Ok, so eventually we were allowed into this big room. There were big tables all over the place. Our family sat at one table. Not just my close family but my extended family as well. Yes, that’s how big the table was (I hope I got at least that right). Should I? Stop trying to influence me! I’m trying to decide if I should or not. Okay, I’m not going to say anymore, because I honestly can’t remember much more. However, I will say that a memory that comes to my mind is jumbo shrimp. Yeah, jumbo shrimp. Okay? Happy now? Because I’m done embarrassing myself! Sort of. Oh what am I saying? Just please, please don’t read this.

Plenty of these pictures on the internet...

Plenty of these pictures on the internet…


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