CW12 – A Writing Trial Worthy of Thought

I had trouble with this one. And I’m not kidding when I said I tried to write this nine times and deleted what I wrote. I honestly hope this fits the bill, because this is definitely my last try. Also, for those who don’t know what is going on, I was supposed to write a party/wedding scene without e’s. And check out the video I made for this!

I look at my laptop, as if studying it would allow for inspiration. Why? Why this task I think. This is my ninth try, and it is not looking good. A party or a matrimonial situation. Which should I do? I think. I could jot down a party situation. Why not? Wait, what about a robot party? That would mak– I don’t think I want to finish that.

I walk up to a group of robots surrounding a band. “How do you do?” I ask a robot that has tag saying that it is R Four Thirty-Two.

“Go oil your joints,” R Four growls and turns back away.

Slightly cross by this abrupt dismissal, I accost a random robot again. “R Six Fifty-Four, would you mind informing my organic brain about this band and you robots’ curiosity towards it?”

“First off, human, I’m R Six. Fifty-Four is formal, and you don’t go that way in a party. And, prior to my granting you any information, I insist on knowing your tag.”

“My– my tag?” I ask. R Six scans my body with his solitary black visual orb.

“I am not picking up any untruths, but how could you not know what a tag is?”

I look through my human RAM and grasp instantly what R Six is talking about. “Oh, that,” I say. “I’m so sorry. I did not think that you– Don’t worry about it. My tag is M3L6H.”

“Good start,” R Six says. “Now how did you turn up in this location? Only robots can go through that door.”

“I actually thought this up, so I can do anything I want.”

“Oh, is that so?” R Six says instantly turning suspicious.

“You know that band? Robot Bandio?” R Six nods. I clap my hands, and in an instant Robot Bandio is floating on air.

R Six backs up in shock. I clap my hands again and now I am floating too. To satisfy R Six fully, I clap my hands again. In an instant, all robots around Robot Bandio start floating.

“Put us down!” R Six growls.

I just grin and shrug.

R Six draws his pistol that is in a torso bay.

“If you don’t put us down, I’ll shoot!”

I just grin and shrug.

R Six shoots and his robotic slug sprints towards my body. I put up a hand and R Six’s slug stops in midair. Slowly it turns around and shoots towards a group of bombs by a wall. It hits, and–

I look at my laptop, as if studying it would allow for– Wait what? A story! A story with no e’s…

Computer failure, internal exception. Unrecognized letter.*

*Please note all e’s after that final e and including that final e are not part of the assignment.


2 thoughts on “CW12 – A Writing Trial Worthy of Thought

    • lol. Feel free to tell me what ever you think. 🙂 Though I must say cute was not necessarily what I was going for, but it works! 🙂

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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