J10 – Meeting Jesus

This assignment was for us to write about meeting someone famous, or about someone famous we would like to meet. This was a hard call for me, just because of the fact that I have met no one famous, and did not wish to meet anyone famous; that is, anyone famous who was alive. But, when those whose walk on this earth has ended are taken into account, then the situation changes drastically.

There are many from biblical times, and many after, who I would have liked to meet. Of course, the one who stands out the most would be Jesus. Also, though some may argue that he never set foot on Earth, that is false. We have historical texts that tell of somebody who worked miracles all throughout the ancient world. He was certainly famous, so that cannot be questioned, and though this answer seems like it was chosen simply for the assignment’s sake, and not really out of any interest that I have, such suppositions are false.

I have many questions that will probably never get answered; not until I reach heaven at least, but by then, I probably won’t have to ask them anymore. Meeting Jesus would allow me to get my questions answered. It would also clarify what many today have clouded. His guidance and wisdom, would be pure bliss to behold, and his purity, and glory would encourage me greatly. But, as it is, Jesus is not returning until the end of this world, and thus, I must watch, wait, and stay faithful.

Here's how you talk to God!

Here’s how you talk to God!


2 thoughts on “J10 – Meeting Jesus

  1. There are so many thing I wanna say about this because it got me thinking a lot. I love how you pick Jesus because, in a way, he is the most important “famous” person, though not everyone would agree. And while usually you look up and follow the example of a famous person they are still human and will make mistakes, but Jesus never did, therefore he is the perfect role model. Also this made me think that a lot of us have met Jesus in a way, through salvation. Anyways i’m done rambling I just had to say I really like this 🙂


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