CW10 – The Dream

Ok, so this assignment was supposed to be about me in a fictional setting, but I got special permission to write about someone else, so here is the third installment of my series!

“It’s not going to work Mako,” Liam said telepathically, as they left the intersection. “You know it’s not going to work. I nearly killed the general.”

“Don’t talk rubbish,” Mako replied, with an indignant shake of his coat. “You did fine. You can hardly expect to have no symptoms just after one dose. The guy I got it from said it would take several to suppress the urges, and you might have to keep taking it for over a year before the symptoms of your condition are completely gone.”

“But I haven’t even come into contact with you know who. And, as a side note, you should get some info on her. But, back to the point. I no longer have the Imperetor to control me, and going into hibernation hasn’t helped any. If I break lose, I might not be able to control myself.” Liam ended this mental message with an exasperated sigh.

“Well, you don’t kill me; that’s a start. If you can recognize me, even in your frenzied state, surely you will gradually be able to recognize friend from foe.”

“That was when I was still under Malvolent’s control. I haven’t changed forms since then. If I did, I probably would not hesitate to kill even you. Maybe I should go back into hibernation. I have no doubt that all I will do is get worse.”

“But you don’t know if you will get better. You can at least give it a try.” Mako told him encouragingly.

“It will never work, I’m a monster!” Liam said, stamping his foot in frustration.

“You are only what you chose to be,” Mako said, stopping to face Liam.

“You don’t get it do you?” Liam asked, turning sadly to his friend. “I wasn’t given a choice.”


“Who are they?” Jayna asked, as Cassie caught up to her.

“They?” The General asked, deliberately misunderstanding.

“You know, the masked man and his dog,” Jayna said impatiently.

“Did you get a strange feeling about the time they arrived?” Cassie questioned, ignoring her pupil’s curiosity for the moment.

“Yes.… But you haven’t answered my question.”

“He is a new recruit. He goes by the name of Liam. He will be working with our radios and communications.”


“And what?”

Jayna could tell Cassie was enjoying teasing her way too much, but her curiosity knew no bounds.

“Why the mask? Why the mystery? Why not just come in dressed like any normal person?”

“That’s what I want you to find out.”


He was walking around. People looked strange. They were dressed differently. Their hair was weird, and the whole place looked unusual. He looked around for a spaceship, but no, there were none; just strange wheeled vehicles drawn by horses.

He began crossing a street, then turned hurriedly as another wheeled vehicle rushed past him. When he turned to continue across the street again, another of the vehicles sped by him, nearly running him over. Why were these people in such a hurry?

“Excuse me,” he said, accosting a woman who happened to be facing him. She did not seem to hear him, so he called out louder.

“Hello there!”

She turned in his direction, then began walking towards him. He sighed with relief, but that relief turned into shock when she walked right through him! He turned around.

“Hey!” He called out. “Hello!”

Nobody seemed to take notice of him. He looked around. Where in the world could he be? He began rushing along the street in the general direction that everybody else was headed. Now that he realized he could not be affected by them, he sped straight through people, animals, and walls. Initially, when he had been faced by a flat wall, and had rushed at it, he had winced, expecting some sort of impact, but he could not be affected by objects either, and went straight through it.

He found himself on a kind of docks, ahead of everybody else. It was similar in concept to the elaborate space docks that he was native to, but it was much simpler, and made out of, what was this? Wood? How could these people be so rich as to use wood so carelessly? He looked around himself some more, and realized that indeed, wood was used all over the place. And what was this?

He looked up at the massive, creaking wooden object before him. It was floating in water, and had three massive posts sticking up from it, with smaller posts crossing the three original ones at a right angle. Ropes tied the object before him to the docks, and he could see that it had a hull shaped for travel through water. Yet, why waste wood? Which was both an expensive material, and very weak. Hardly the material of choice.

Then he heard some whispering, and the failed attempts of about a hundred men trying to keep their footsteps silent. Many of them were dressed even more strangely than those he had seen before. They wore no shirts, and intricate ornaments hung from their necks. They had feathers sticking out from their hair, and their faces were covered with some sort of paint.

He watched them board the ship, as he had heard one of them call it, then suddenly, they rose up. They began shouting and yelling, and throwing crates overboard. People began to gather around. Some were cheering them on, others remained silent. He turned to leave the scene, for it was too noisy for him to bear. As he did so, he passed by a lamppost which said, ‘Boston, 1773.’

The sky began whirling around him, he felt sick in the stomach, then as suddenly as the dream had started, it ended, and Liam sat up, gasping. He looked around to find Mako, but he was not there. The clock read 4:30 a.m. He sighed, lay back down, and returned to sleep.


The truth was, Mako had left their room the instant Liam had gone to sleep, and he was now sniffing around the Outpost, both figuratively, and literally. He was slowly committing to memory every detail he thought would be interesting to Liam. Aha! What was this?

‘Danger! Stay Out! Specialized Personnel Only!’

He knew it would be no good trying to enter by the door, and instead began looking around for another way in. A conveniently placed cart and a high up air ventilation shaft with a loose grating was all he needed, and he entered the room in a flash. Inside the room, he could see some interesting looking bottles and chemicals. He knew then he must be in a special lab that dealt with dangerous chemicals and solutions. He was about to examine some of the chemicals when he froze.

He had heard a noise from somewhere, then the heavy, metal plated door slid open, and somebody stepped inside.

Add steel walls, floor, door and roof...

Add steel walls, floor, door and roof…


4 thoughts on “CW10 – The Dream

  1. I’m so glad you worked the prompt into your story. Now I’m curious to know how the dream ties into everything. I like how you let people figure out for themselves what is going on and don’t come right out and say it was the Boston Tea Party.

    ~Kaytee Green


    • Thanks! Well, you’ll soon know about the dreams. (I’m working on the next installment) And yeah, I’m trying to use a more, let the reader figure it out style of writing, than blatantly saying that this is that and that is this.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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