Galactic Battles: The Dark Menace Chapter 2

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Rise of Evil

Date: Jan 2, 900 A.C.


“So, you have brought me the information I asked for?” Imperetor Malvolent asked from under the hood that shadowed his face. Cain Cone always felt nervous in the presence of his master, but he showed a bold front. However, staring into the black, sightless eyes of his master, for they resembled an empty void, was not an option.

“Yes, my lord,” Cain Cone said, prostrating himself again before the Imperetor.

“Allow me,” Imperetor Malvolent said as the data-receiver flew from Cain Cone’s pocket into a holo-projector. Cain Cone felt nervous as he witnessed that, for he knew that the Imperetor was directing the data-receiver with some sort of invisible force that he could not understand.

A button on the holo-projector pressed in and in an instant, a three dimensional image of a Galacticia-class Spacecruiser showed up.

“Ah,” the Imperetor said, intertwining his long, bony fingers. If it was possible, his fingers would have become white at the pressure he was putting on them, but, as his whole body was already white, this was not so.

“This will be the ultimate assistant for my pet project.

“Gonda Lorissian,” Imperetor Malvolent called out. At his summons, a tall skinny man, bonier than the Imperetor himself walked in.

This man’s bald crown was covered with a few white hairs but his shaggy eyebrows with sly eyes looking out from under them showed a craftiness still possessed. He was the Imperetor’s chief engineer.

“Can you,” the Imperetor said, only the lower half of his face visible as he slouched into his chair. “Use this information that my faithful spy has brought me, to complete the Dark Menace?”

Gonda Lorissian studied the hologram eyebrows raised, his eyes growing larger and larger. Keying in a few commands into the holo-projector, he stripped away the outer layers of the spacecruiser and began examining the inside. Then keying in some more commands, he brought up numerous images and information.

Looking towards the Imperetor, Gonda’s face curved into a crafty smile. “Imperetor, with this information, we could not only construct the Dark Menace, but we could also using their information, construct numerous other spacecruisers. Not only that, we can also,” Gonda lowered his voice, as if afraid of being heard. “We can also take advantage of this information to attack their Galacticia-class Spacecruisers and all their other spacecruisers at their weakest points. Oh Imperetor you do not know the power this information will give us.”

The Imperetor’s face curved into an evil smile and he uttered one hoarse command. “Go– go and finish my project and began as many spacecruisers as we’ll need for my little plan. This, my trusted spy,” the Imperetor said, turning to Cain Cone. “Is just the beginning. Soon the puny Galactic Regime will be in out hands. Now, for your reward. Summon forth the twenty-first regiment of Imperial Warlords.”

At his command, a regiment of black figures entered. They were covered in smooth, black, plasteel armor and carried stunaxes in their hands. These were axes with long, fortisteel handles and blades capable of cutting through the thickest armor. Also, when a certain hidden button was pressed, energy would surge to their tip and shoot out as a high-powered laser bolt. Their shoulder guards were spiked, allowing for deadly shoulder charges, and they could, at will send electric pulses through all parts of their armor, effectively killing themselves and anyone who happened to be touching them.

“Now these I give to you, Cain, to use as you will. Work harder for me, and I might give you one of my Destroyer-class Spacecruisers.” The Imperetor said, smiling again, his cracked, yellow teeth barely showing.

“Thank you! My liege lord,” Cain Cone said, prostrating himself again before Imperetor Malvolent.

Meanwhile, Gonda entered under the crossed stunaxes of two Imperial Warlords. Sitting at his desk, he plugged in the data-receiver he had removed from the holo-projector into a projector of his own. He smiled as the same, three-dimensional image of the Galacticia-class Spacecruiser appeared again.

His main objective in gaining this information was to discover how the internal core systems of the spacecruiser mentioned worked. He had had no trouble with Imperetor Malvolent’s design of the Dark Menace till he had come to the internal core support systems. These were the systems that supported every functioning part of the spacecruiser. With a spaceship the size of the Dark Menace, ordinary core support systems would not provide the support required for the spaceship’s numerous functions.

The Dark Menace was a supercruiser, the third type of cruisers that existed. These were the ultimate sized spaceships and no power had, as yet, been able to construct one. It was to be shaped as an isosceles triangle, with the base indented giving it a swallowtail likeness. The main hanger doors were to be running down the top sides. The engine afterburners were to be mounted in the nook of the ‘v.’ At the end of each of the two swallowtail branches, a slight incline rising in the direction of the tip led up to the viewscreen of the bridges. This was something Gonda had proposed, as the canted angle of the bridges’ roofs would deflect the laser bolts much more easily, and the only real threat would be damage to the front viewscreens.

Gonda scratched one of the numerous warts on his face as he studied the internal core support systems. He had forgotten to put medication on his warts again. Because of his work, Gonda was seated in front of a holo-projector almost twenty-four seven and he seldom got a chance to wash. This caused him to have numerous skin problems such as warts, sores, blisters, fleas, lice, and more. His thinness was the result of his continual forgetting to eat.

He mixed up a bowl of blue liquid gelatin and put it beside him; but as he began to work, forgot entirely about it. He did not even notice the large rat sipping it up cautiously.

The Grand Imperium had all begun with Imperetor Malvolent. He came from the Rushia network and had founded his base there. From then on, people had flocked to him and he had enlisted them and trained them. His ultimate goal was to displace the Galactic Regime and replace it with his own gathering.

Recently he had spread across the networks Noroganur, Sugeden, and Demise so that he controlled a total of four networks; one network more than the Galactic Regime. Before him, many petty warlords had tried to gain control of the galaxy with small armies of mechanoids, for they did not have enough manpower to make coms, and Eagle-Fighters. Imperetor Malvolent had taken the design of the mechanoid, and improved it making it almost as capable if not as capable as a com.

He had divided mechanoids into certain classes. The MBMs were main battle mechanoids, the cheapest and weakest of them all. However, that was not saying much since their armor could withstand quite a bit of pressure, and the undersides of their blasters were equipped with the cutting blade that differentiated Imperetor Malvolent’s mechanoids from all others. The Imperetor had battalions of these droids; almost too many to count.

The next class of mechanoids were subversion mechanoids, more commonly known as subs. These were the first class of mechanoids, going from the weakest to the strongest, to pull power directly from a key, central power-core. This power-core charged their blasters and allowed them to perform chargewave blasts. This was when they drew power directly from the power-core, concentrating it in their blasters, then fired it directly at the enemy. Not only this but their armor was also a step up from the armor of MBMs and their targeting equipment was also more accurate.

Next up came the Sabotage-mechanoids. These were probably the most efficient, considering their firepower, armor, and cost. They had the capability of targeting a certain point using their targeting lasers, and then summoning any heavy artillery in the area to fire on that specific spot. Not only could they do this, but they also had laser cutters equipped on their left hand. Also, they too were capable of performing chargewave blasts.

Captains were the most powerful type of mechanoids, other than Elite-mechanoids, and had a higher technology of armor. Their chestplates were equipped with ERA technology, plates that exploded on impact, deflecting damage from high powered projectiles, such as cannon projectiles, and missiles. Not only this, but because their blasters were equipped with a special sort of tracker, the plasma bolts would track any target in a 180 degree range. Also, they were equipped with the technology of the previously said mechanoids.

Though it appeared that Imperetor Malvolent’s sky fleet mainly relied on Eagle-Fighters, he actually had made a new type of spaceship, of his own design.

The GI 85 T-swoop was shaped like a ‘T’ the weapons being housed on the two ends of the ‘T.’ It carried missiles, laser cannons, and best of all, it was unmanned and easy to build. He had thousands of these fighters spread across his empire and he smiled when he thought of the Galactic Regime’s puny air fleet.

He had also made Destroyer-class Spacecruisers. These were slightly smaller than the standard order of spacecruisers but their lack of size was made up by their high maneuverability. Their main weapon of offense was the single laser cannon mounted near the front of the spacecruiser. This cannon had a laser-energy of 0.8, which was already exceptional. But, when measured on the Kreb-scale of 0-1, it scored a 1, doing 100% of its damage to an unshielded object. This meant that the cannon was very efficient, most lost some of their energy from the time the left the barrel, and continued to weaken exponentially. Thus, two shots from that cannon, at a good range, sufficed to pass an ordinary energy screen and do more damage. An ‘ordinary energy screen,’ was one whose energy measured 0.5 on the Kreb-measure of 0-1, reflecting fifty percent of the damage. Most of the laser cannons in the spacecruiser order had laser cannons with a laser-energy of 0.5 or 0.6 and shields that had a laser-energy of either 0.5 or 0.6, though the standard was 0.5.

Not only did the Destroyer-class Spacecruiser have a super-cannon, it also had plenty of hanger space. Imperetor Malvolent had a fleet of a hundred of these. He had been so pleased when Gonda showed him the holoplan of these spacecruisers.

Imperetor Malvolent smiled when he thought about the fleet he had assembled. The hundreds of thousands of mechanoids he had made. Then he thought of how he had first met Gonda Lorissian on the planet Vish in the Sugeden network.

Imperetor Malvolent had been talking to the governor of Vish for a long time. This was before he had become powerful, and had gained the Destroyer-class Spacecruisers. He had wanted control of that particular planet for years. It was a prosperous space station and located in an excellent position. The only drawback was that it was covered with snow for three quarters of a standard year and that the people were not that ready to welcome a new ruler.

But Imperetor Malvolent had not wasted time on bargaining and bickering. He had shown them the advantages of joining him and that was it. If they did not join him, he would attack and destroy them. They had then asked him to go and meet them on Vish. So the Imperetor went.

After the customary formalities, Imperetor Malvolent got straight to the point by asking.

“So, have you decided?”

“We have one small bargain to make.”

Imperetor Malvolent’s face darkened and his eyebrows drew together as he frowned. “A bargain? An important lesson you should learn is that I don’t like bargains. What do you have to say?”

“Well,” the ruler of Vish said, apparently cowering before Imperetor Malvolent’s glare. “You see, we have this excellent designer, who has designed a powerful spacecruiser. We were wondering, that if we gave you those plans, whether you would condescend to extend your protection to our small planet, while we still remain a separate republic.”

Imperetor Malvolent smiled. “You know that I could crush you right now and still take your spacecruiser design don’t you?” He said, threading his bony fingers together.

“Ah,” Karkamnoba, for that was his name, said, rising to sit straight again. “That’s what you don’t know. Even now, our spacecruiser weapons are all armed, primed and charged. Were I to so much as raise my finger, your base would be ashes in a matter of minutes. Don’t doubt my word Imperetor. My spacecruisers are more powerful than you think.”

The Imperetor had become curious. “What happens if you show me your spacecruiser design and I don’t like it?”

“That, is the gamble, Imperetor.” Karkamnoba said, leaning forwards across the table at which they sat. “My gamble, is trusting you. Be assured that I will not lean on you. Just when you destroy that upstart Galactic Regime, don’t destroy us.”

“Show me the spacecruiser.” Imperetor Malvolent said at last. “I’ll take the gamble.”

Karkamnoba looked at the Imperetor with piercing eyes and detecting no treachery, summoned Gonda.

The Imperetor could recall deeply his first disgust at Gonda’s appearance. He was dressed in rags and his skin and face were covered with warts, open sores, lice, and fleas. He smelled horrible and was so emaciated that Imperetor Malvolent could barely restrain putting his hand up to his eyes to block out that horrible sight.

Gonda’s confederates didn’t seem to care though, for they gave him barely enough room on the bench at which they sat, so that he had to squeeze in to sit down.

“Show him,” Karkamnoba said with a majestic gesture of superior wisdom. “Our Destroyer-class Spacecruisers.”

Gonda’s facial expression did not change as he pressed a button revealing a hologram of at least a hundred spacecruisers. Imperetor Malvolent too, did not give vent to his emotions, but he was shocked at what he saw.

“Do those spacecruisers happen to be powerful?” Imperetor Malvolent asked, trying sound like he was doing Karkamnoba a favor.

But Karkamnoba knew his customer, he could read the Imperetor’s internal conflict through a certain twitching of his muscles. Karkamnoba leaned back and smiled, a slow smile. Instead of answering the Imperetor’s question, he said, slowly:

“These Destroyer-class Spacecruisers are not very far from your base. Perhaps you would agree to our deal now?”

“I have already agreed,” Imperetor Malvolent said impatiently. Not because he could not wait, but because he could feel how Karkamnoba was crushing him. He did not want to reveal his weakness.

Karkamnoba knew that Imperetor Malvolent was weakening. “You asked how powerful these Destroyer-class Spacecruisers are. Well, would it satisfy you to know that their cannons have rank 1 on the Kreb-scale and that it has a laser-energy of 0.8?”

Imperetor Malvolent felt his heart skip a beat and he paled slightly. “Where’s the design?” He asked, having trouble talking past the lump in his throat.

“In there,” Karkamnoba said, tapping Gonda’s head. “That way, there’s no chance of anybody stealing the design. I am giving him to you as a hostage for me not breaking my part of the deal. Who will you give me?”

A flurry of thoughts flew through Imperetor Malvolent’s head. He thought, ‘Karkamnoba may be a smart dealer, but I still can circumvent him.’ Imperetor Malvolent said, “I’ll give you a battalion of my mechanoids.”

“And how big is a battalion, Imperetor?” Karkamnoba asked from under half-closed eyelids.

The Imperetor ground his teeth in rage, he had planned to give Karkamnoba one or two mechanoids. Finally he said, “A battalion is a one hundred mechanoids.”

“Deal.” Karkamnoba said. “But if I find one mechanoid missing from that battalion, Gonda has orders not to reveal the plans, and I will bombard your base till it is nothing but a pile of scrap! So there, go now, may we meet again soon, it is profitable for me indeed. Gonda, this is your new master.”

The Imperetor stood up and bowed stiffly, then he turned around and walked out of the palace. His insides were boiling as he thought of how neatly Karkamnoba had tricked him, fooled him, and overall gotten the best of the deal. A hundred or more spacecruisers with a laser-energy of 0.8! That seemed almost impossible.

Gonda walked quietly behind his new master and said nothing, though the Imperetor was aware of his presence.

“The first thing you do Gonda,” the Imperetor said, as they flew away from Vish.

“Yes, master?”

“Is to have a bath. I want you to wash yourself thoroughly.

“Captain,” the Imperetor called a mechanoid. “Order a battalion of mechanoids to be readied for instant departure. They will be heading for Vish to be held hostage so that we may keep our part of the deal. They are to be unarmed and are to make no resistance no matter what the Vish do. Is that understood?”

“Yes, my lord. Should I send officers with them?”

The Imperetor whirled around in his seat and hurled the mechanoid against the wall. He had wanted to impress Gonda by his ferocity and was disappointed at the impassive look on his face.

“You should know by now, captain, never to make suggestions to your superior officers unless they are asked for.” The Imperetor seethed.

“Yes, my lord.” The mechanoid answered, straightening itself up and making a stiff salute.

“Now go and follow my orders. You know the cost of disobedience.” Imperetor Malvolent said with a grim smile.

That was how the Imperetor had come to get Gonda. Since then, he had never again regretted that deal, for the help that Gonda had given him had more than repaid the battalion of mechanoids he had given Karkamnoba.

Since that day, Imperetor Malvolent had never returned to Vish, and Gonda had never asked to return. The Imperetor had never dared to lift a finger against Vish. Not because he cared about the battalion of mechanoids he had left there long ago, he did not care a whit about those, but because he was afraid of the Vish sky fleet. He knew that despite his valiant efforts, their fighters still probably outnumbered his and that it would be an immense cost of time and money to destroy them. Also it would reveal his power, which he wanted to keep a deep, dark secret.

Thus, because the Imperetor had not been to Vish for a long time, he was greatly surprised when he received news that Karkamnoba had come to pay him a visit.

“Let Karkamnoba enter,” the Imperetor said, a flurry of commands rushing through his mind as he voiced them out. “Call the thirty-first and second regiments of Imperial Warlords. I also want the twelfth and eleventh squadron of GI 85 T-swoops to meet Karkamnoba’s state cruiser with all pomp and ceremony. Let spacecruiser 55 and spacecruiser 67 fire a salvo in honor of Karkamnoba’s coming.

Warlords, line the hall to my throne. Servants, put a red carpet on the floor. Color bearers, behind my chair, Warlord Captains, flank my throne. Fifty-sixth and seventy-third battalions of mechanoids, go and escort Karkamnoba when he lands.”

“My lord, the fifty-sixth battalion is on sentry duty.” Said the mechanoid, who was transmitting all the Imperetor’s orders through a voice pickup mounted on its wrist.

“Well, then, send the thirty-third battalion without delay. I want to flaunt my power in Karkamnoba’s face!”

The Imperetor knew how much a display of power and ceremony was needed to impress Karkamnoba so he did. This did not mean he liked doing it, for he preferred a more subtle and deceptive method, hiding his power till he felt he was ready to surprise and shock his opponents. Oh well, it must be done.

He heard a blast of trumpets followed by electric fanfare announcing the arrival of Karkamnoba. The Imperetor heightened senses could hear the clomping of the thick soled shoes of Karkamnoba’s Elite Guards. He could also hear the swish-swashing of the cloaks that his Imperial Warlords wore and the silent murmurs they made as they communicated with each other through the hidden voice pickups mounted in their masks.

Imperetor Malvolent stood up as Karkamnoba entered and he bowed deeply to the other. Then he resumed his seat. The Imperetor tried to make himself look as dignified as possible as Karkamnoba slowly advanced.

Karkamnoba was seated on a chair mounted on two long poles which rested on the shoulders of eight strong Vish, for Karkamnoba weighed so much that it needed eight people to lift him. The Imperetor admired the way Karkamnoba’s Elite Guards kept time as they marched behind their leader. Each carried a Promwel ScG37. These were guns that shot high concentrated volleys of superheated sparks. These sparks were so hot, that they could travel a thousand feet and still set burn right through a tree. At two hundred feet, they could melt mechanoids and they only started spreading out at about five hundred feet. One advantage of these guns was that they did not need to recharge, nor would they ever run out of ammunition. However, compared to the extreme range of laser blasters, their range was not very good. Their accuracy too, fell rapidly the further their target was. Despite these drawbacks, Elite Guards still were a deadly foe; one not to be despised.

“What brings you here, Karkamnoba?” The Imperetor asked drumming his fingers lightly on the armrest of his chair. He sat in a slouched position, his hood obscuring the top half of his face.

“Grand Lord Karkamnoba if you please.” Karkamnoba said, his eyes flashing with indignation at the
Imperetor’s deliberate omission of the title he had chosen for himself.

“Well, then, what brings you here Grand Lord Karkamnoba?” The Imperetor said, putting a strong emphasis on the word ‘grand.’ He did not understand why Karkamnoba had chosen such a ridiculous title. “But allow me to remind you, Grand Lord that your spacecruisers no longer affect my situation. I have more than enough spacecruisers and fighters, to fend off any attacks you make and to counter-attack you.”

Karkamnoba winced slightly. “Imperetor Malvolent,” he said, “I did not come here to threaten you, but to make overtures of peace. As usual, I have something that can either be used for your own good, or – You know what the other possibility is. With the help of this thing not only will you have the power to completely wipe out the Galactic Regime, but it will give you control of another network as well.”

A million thoughts flashed through the crafty mind of Imperetor Malvolent. He knew he had the power to destroy the Galactic Regime completely, but gaining control of another network – That was a different matter. How could something offer him control of another network? He could not think. He had never heard of anything that could give him control over a whole network so simply. Then for a moment, Imperetor Malvolent felt a lump grow in his throat.

“Is it –” He asked. “Is it a supercruiser?”

“No,” Karkamnoba said, with a low chuckle, and he shook his head slowly. “Though I certainly could wish it was. It is an alliance with somebody who owns an entire network.”

“An alliance?” Imperetor Malvolent asked, his face showing no expression but inside he was surprised. What single person, other than the Galactic Regime and himself, in the galaxy was so powerful that he could own an entire network? Imperetor Malvolent could not think of such a man.

“Yes,” Karkamnoba said, smiling. “An alliance with my brother, Zee Turncoat.”

******End of Chapter 2******

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

~Michael Hollingworth
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