J9 – The Sand Slope (Again?!)

Well, this is a reiteration of my previous journal (I think it was 5) with one exception. In my previous post I neglected to mention a pretty important character in the whole story: my brother. I will not mention his full name, as I do not believe he will want it all over the internet. Also, I did not consult with him on this, so this is completely what I think he would have seen. Also, I’m trying first person, so here it goes. 🙂

We had just finished making our bridge across the river. The other kids who had helped us were getting ready to head into the water. It was more of a dam than a bridge really, and its effectiveness was quite surprising. One side of the river must have risen a good four inches, while the other side looked like it had gone down by roughly the same amount. Several high pressured streams of water sprayed through small gaps, slowly pushing the rocks out. Our dam/bridge would not last long, so I called to Michael, and we both decided to cross.

The bridge, as well as it worked out as a dam, turned out to be not so effective a bridge, and more than our ankles were wet by the time we had crossed over to the giant rock. We had initially thought it was a mountain, but as our Dad had informed us, it was really a rock.

Michael led the climb, he was always the adventurous one, pulling me into the most ridiculous things. And he always seemed to come out of them unscathed, while me, that’s always another story. I just found that really unfair. I followed him up the side of the rock. It was quite an easy climb really, though it looked intimidating. The handholds and footholds were numerous, and I was not far behind Michael when he arrived on the top.

There were a few people up here as well, and we paused for a rest, and to survey our newfound territory. We picked up a couple of rocks and threw them into the river, but soon got tired of that. The rock was calling to us, higher, higher, it beckoned, and so we began searching for another way up.

Michael, being the person he was, found what looked to be a rather plausible solution to our dilemma. A small sand slope that curved up to the next shelf. It was not very steep, and I looked forward to another easy climb. Michael led the way, and he quickly stepped onto the slope. He had been walking on his feet, but instantly assumed a crawling position when he stepped onto it. I wondered why, surely a slope could not be so difficult to conquer.

He took a few steps up it, then stopped. I wondered why he had stopped, but knew better than to question him. Then, to my utmost surprise, he grabbed onto a bush, and slowly swung himself back onto the shelf with me.

“I think we should go up the way you found,” Michael said to me, indicating the other side of the shelf, which I had discovered earlier.

I did not question his judgement, and we made it up onto the second shelf without further incident.

Not exactly the sand slope, but it is a sand slope.

Not exactly the sand slope, but it is a sand slope.


2 thoughts on “J9 – The Sand Slope (Again?!)

  1. This is great! After reading your perspective of the sand slope it’s really interesting to read your brother’s version and see from his eyes just what happened. I really like that you tied this assignment in with a previous journal assignment.

    ~Kaytee Green


    • Thanks. Yup. I figured that if I did this one on the same story that I did previously, it might give you guys a better idea of what was going on.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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