J8 – A Tough Decision

I’ve gone through this whole blog thing so fast that I honestly haven’t had time to think through it properly. In just a short span of time, there are now thirty-two published posts on my blog; that’s a lot of posts.

My favorite journal entry would have to be J5 – The Sand Slope. This is simply because it is so intense it could be fiction, yet it is fact. It is kind of hard to believe, sitting comfortably here in my chair, that something like that could ever have happened to me, yet it did.

Now, though choosing a favorite journal entry was fairly simple, choosing one from the seven creative writing assignments I have posted on my blog is much more difficult. I would pick CW8, but that’s cheating, since it technically should not be up before this. Going back through the stats for each one of my creative writing posts, I realize that strangely enough, the post with the most likes is my first one. Yet, even that still leaves me debating about which is my favorite. Other’s may like that post, but do I really?

In the end, I am forced to admit that I do not like that post. There is nothing wrong with it, but there was no real inspiration from the heart. I was writing that just because I had to. Then again, I could go with the one I got the most points for, but that would also (strangely) end up as being my first creative writing post. Even with this encouragement, I still do not feel that such a decision would be the truth. In my heart, I feel that my favorite posts are those that came to me in the spur of the moment, the instant I read the description of the assignment. Those are the posts that mean the most to me. Posts such as ‘Rap Rivalry,’ and ‘Brer Rabbit an’ Sister Rabbit;’ those posts are the ones that truly take the place as a favorite.

Though I can and will never decide on one single piece of writing as my ‘favorite,’ I must say, that despite not having the best grade, or the most likes, my favorite post is– It is– It is… Oh shoot! I may as well ask a parent who’s their favorite kid!

P.s. If it is allowed, then I’ll say that my sort of favorite post is CW8.

P.p.s. The following is a teaser, make sure you go and read it on my blog.

P.p.p.s. Thx Nathan for the amazing idea!

CW8 Teaser

He lay back in the bed, his upper torso was unclothed, ready for the needles that were about to inject his body with a suppressant for his condition. He rested his head in the headrest, grimacing as he pushed too hard against one of the retracted needles. A faint scar ran vertically down the front of his face, his throat, and across the center of his chest. Scars similar to that one also ran along the inside of his arms from the scar on his chest, and along each one of his fingers.

Once he was sure that he was in position, he telekinetically pressed the go switch. His whole body jerked forward violently as the needles all entered him at once, and if it was not for the restraints that had come on before that, he would have leapt from the chair. Then, as he started shuddering while the suppressant entered his system, a robotic hand lifted a mask from a nearby stand. His eyes went wide as memories of all that he had done came back to him. Then, as the masked lowered down towards his face, he screamed for the first time in his life.

Oh, and P.p.p.(whatever I was up to).s I really do have a hard time choosing favorites.


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