CW5-Brer Rabbit an’ Sister Rabbit

This week’s creative writing assignment was to write a story about Brer Rabbit. I’m not sure if I overdid the colloquialism or not, but I did my best. Also, in case you happen to be wondering, I did a google search, and ‘Bloke’ is apparently Australian slang for boy or man. I couldn’t find slang for brother, so I used that. Also, apparently single quotation marks don’t show up too well in my title. ‘Ave fun workin’ out wot I wus tryin’ ta say. 🙂

Also, here is a video of me reading it, not that I did a great job, but it helped me to realize that I think I probably wrote in a style that was completely wrong. 😦 Still, I hope it is ok.

Brer Fox wus awanderin’ around in da Forest, thinkin’ da best ‘ee cud of how ‘ee cud outwit dat annoyin’ Brer Rabbit. Brer Fox wus goin’ about ‘is errand of revenge wit such fury dat ‘ee completely missed a gnarly root dat ahappened ta be stickin’ across ‘is path.

“Curses an’ all other evils!” ‘Ee exclamationed as ‘ee tumbled down da steep slope dat jus’ so happened ta be ahead. ‘Ee landed ‘imself in a prickly hawthorne bush. ‘Ee got ta ‘is feet an’ wus jest ‘bout ta lave when ‘ee ‘eard a sound ahead. It wus a rabbit! Fer a moment dere, Brer Fox wondered if da rabbit approachin’ happened ta be Brer Rabbit acomin’ ta play another of ‘is tricks on ‘im. Den ‘ee realized dat Brer Rabbit wus avisitin’ Old Man Tarrypin, so dis stranger couldn’t be ‘im.

Brer Fox looked around a tree, den quickly ducked back behind it. Dis was a she-rabbit! ‘Ee decided to follow da rabbit an’ see where she went. Da beginning’s of a plan had started ta form in ‘is mind.

Brer Rabbit ‘ad jest left from visitin’ ‘is good friend, Old Man Tarrypin. Many a laugh dey ‘ad shared on ‘ow dey ‘ad tricked Brer Fox numerous times. But, it ‘ad gotten late, as it always does, an’ Brer Rabbit an’ Old Man Tarrypin had said deir goodbyes. Now, as Brer rabbit strolled along’ da road, ‘ee began whistlin’ a merry tune, fur ‘ee felt light at heart, and nothin’ ‘ee knew of was amiss.

‘Ee rounded a corner and bumped rather violently into da person who happened ta be roundin’ da corner at da same time. Brer Rabbit quickly took a few steps backawards and made a graceful bow in apology. When ‘ee rose up agin, ‘ee was met wid a sight dat stunned ‘im inta dumfounded silence. Dere stood da purtiest she-rabbit ‘ee ‘ad evah seen. Granted dat it wus de only she-rabbit ‘ee ‘ad evah seen, but dat did not seem ta make too much of a difference ta ‘im.

Da rabbit giggled slightly at Brer Rabbit’s shock. Dis snapped Brer Rabbit out of ‘is trance, an’ ‘ee spoke up sayin’, “Well, sorry an’ ‘ello ma’am. ‘Ow be ye dis fine mornin’?”

“I feel wonderful thank you,” she said, hidin’ a smile at Brer Rabbit’s quaint speech, ‘er fine speech contrastin’ greatly wid ‘is lingo. ‘Er voice sounded like a silver brook, an’ Brer Rabbit found ‘imself fairly enchanted wid it.

“Wut be yur name? If I may be so bold as ta ask?” Brer Rabbit said, ‘is manners catchin’ up wid him now.

“I am called Sister Rabbit. What name do you go by?”

“I be called Brer Rabbit. Be it in yur mind ta go fur a walk dis fine day?” Brer Rabbit asked, turnin’ ta face da direction she wus headed. Sister Rabbit accepted, an’ da two set off along da road, Brer Rabbit chatting merrily all da way.

Brer Fox stud stock still behind a tree, watchin’ the scene unfold before ‘im. At da conclusion of deir convarsation, ‘ee grinned ta ‘imself evilly. ‘Ee ‘ad da purfect plan fur gettin’ back at Brer Rabbit.

Weeks passed, an’ Brer Rabbit got ta know Sister Rabbit better and better. Meanwhiles, Brer Fox ‘ad paid ‘imself a visit ta da Land Down Unda ta larn ‘imself sum ventriloquism frum Bloke Parrot. Whan ‘ee came back, ‘is plan wus ready ta go inta motion.

While all dis evil wus goin’ on, Sister Rabbit ‘ad invited Brer Rabbit ta go on a walk wid ‘er da nex  day. Enamored wid ‘er da way ‘ee was, dere wus no way, ‘ee cud’ve said no, an’ ‘ee didn’t. Da nex’ day, Brer Rabbit met Sister Rabbit as promised. ‘Ee noticed she seemed ta be in a kinda pensive mood, an’ so, gentleman dat ‘ee wus, ‘ee let ‘er tink, while ‘ee wus content ta walk beside ‘er. Den, allufa sudden, Brer Rabbit stepped uppon somethin’ an’ afore ‘ee knew wut was ahappenin’ ta ‘im, ‘ee wus carried aloft by a net.

‘Ee wus shocked, an’ looked askance at Sister Rabbit. ‘Owever, ‘ee soon realized, with a sinkin’ ‘eart, dat Sister Rabbit wus no more den Brer Fox. Dis fact wus made clearer, when ‘ee removed da mask dat ‘ee wore, and got out of da bodysuit dat ‘ee also ‘ad put on.

“Waal now Brer Rabbit, I seem ta ‘ave de upper paw now.”

“Yes,” Brer Rabbit muttered sullenly. “I sees now, it wus all a trick, right from da very beginnin’, ya crafty evil fox.”

Brer Fox just rubbed ‘is paws together, an’ begin’ draggin’ Brer Rabbit off in da net. When dey arrived at Brer Fox’s den, Brer Fox turned ta Brer Rabbit.

“I jus’ ‘appen ta ‘ave da purfect spot fer ye.” Brer Fox said, smiling. ‘Ee shoved Brer Rabbit inta a cage, an’ tied da door shut wid so many knots dat it looked like wun giant lumpy piece of rope. “I’m agoin’ now, ta decide wut ta do wit you. Don’t ye be goin’ nowhere now.”

Brer Fox didna ‘ave ta say dat. Brer Rabbit wus already despondent enuf at da thought dat dere ‘ad nevah been a real Sister Rabbit, an’ ‘ad Brer Rabbit wanted ta escape, it wus made impossible by de net dat wus around ‘im. Brer Rabbit managed ta roll ‘imself inta a sittin’ position, an ‘ee just sat dere, ears droopin’. All of da past few weeks, ‘ee ‘ad bin livin’ da purfect dream. Now, ta realize dat it wus naught more den Brer Fox playin’ tricks on ‘im was too much fur ‘im ta bear.

Imagine den ‘is surprise when ‘ee ‘eard a soft voice call out, “Brer Rabbit, is that you?”

Brer Rabbit straightened, ‘is ears twitchin’. Did ‘ee really ‘ear dat? Or wus ‘ee jest dreamin’?

“Brer Rabbit?”

“Sister Rabbit!” Brer Rabbit exclaimed, certain now dat she wus dere. “Wut is goin’ on? I’ve bin so confused.”

“Brer Fox kidnapped me. He pretended to be me to lure you here. Quickly, we have to get out.”

“It’s ‘opeless,” Brer Rabbit said. “Nets ‘ave nevah been aisy ta git out of, an’ I don’t ave anythin dat ken ‘elp me. Not even a sharp stone.”

“You may not have a sharp stone, but I do,” Sister Rabbit said, passin’ da stone truh da bars frum da cell dat she wus situated in.

Brer Rabbit took da stone eagerly. ‘Ee squeezed it truh wun of da ‘oles in da net an’ began sawing away rapidly. It wus not long afore ‘ee ‘ad cut a ‘ole big enouh fur ‘im ta fit truh. Den ‘ee set ta work on da rope at da door. It was not long afore ‘ee cut truh dis as well. ‘Ee den set ‘bout releasin’ Sister Rabbit. ‘Ee soon ‘ad done so, an’ da two escaped to a deeper part of da forest. Nn too soon, fur Brer Fox came ‘ome soon after, and great wus ‘is rage when ‘ee found ‘is master plan destroyed jus because of a small stone.


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