CW4-Cat Wars?

Hello everybody. This week’s creative writing assignment was to write your own fable. I believe the one I wrote, albeit bloody, demonstrates my point quite well. I used the common cliché of the enmity between cats and dogs. Enjoy– if you can.

Cat and dog fighting

Dogs and Cats hated each other with a bitter hatred. They were the worst of enemies, continually quarreling and fighting over who was better. One particular day, after a singularly fierce argument about a certain border, the Cats decided that they had had enough. They rose and faced their leader, clamoring for something to be done about the case of the ‘filthy mongrels who invaded their private territory.’

Now, the Cat King loved but one thing, his promising family, which was composed of his wife and his only son. His wife was the comfort of his life, and he looked forward every night to returning to her. His son was the light of his eyes, and he did everything he could to accentuate that fact. So, when the Cat King looked over the crowd, and spotted his son’s silky fur among the demanding populace, he instantly made the decision.

“The Dogs want war?” he said fiercely. “Then we’ll give it to them!”

This caused the crowd to emit an unrestrained roar, as they headed off to arm themselves. Meanwhile, the Cat King returned to his apartments for a rest, for he knew leading a war against the Dogs would not be easy.

The next day, the Cat army marched, led by their King, with his son beside him. Every Cat in the army had said his goodbyes, and they were all ready to have at the Dogs with a vengeance.

The two armies met in a bloody battle. Fur and blood flew in the air. Claws were raised high, and teeth crunched bone. During the battle, the Cat King looked around, trying to find his son, whom he had lost track of a moment before. Then he stumbled over something. He fell, and came face to face with the face of his son, who lay on the floor, blood oozing from an ugly wound in his side.

“Son!” the King exclaimed bitterly.

“Father,” his son said, returning the greeting with great difficulty. The brave Cat gave a weak smile, then his head rolled back, and he was dead.

The Cat King rose up in a rage, and taking a sword from a fallen soldier, struck left and right violently. His soldiers, inspired by his courage and prowess, also redoubled their efforts, and the Dogs were steadily pushed back, until they fled, scattering all over the country.

“Do not chase!” The Cat King commanded. “We bring flame to their land!”

So saying, the army marched across the battlefield and headed for the Dog camp. They lit torches along the way, and, when they arrived, set fire to the Dog hutches. When he was finally satisfied with the havoc he had wreaked, the Cat King ordered his army to return.

Meanwhile, the Dog King had just returned from a hunting trip, only to find his village all ablaze. Furiously, he summoned his remaining soldiers to bring before him a mouse who told him what had occurred.

“The Cats will pay for this,” the Dog King growled. “Come friends, at the double. We go to repay the lives of our lost!”

So the Dog army marched rapidly towards the Cat kingdom, and overtook the tired Cat army unknowingly.

When the Cat King returned to his kingdom, he found it in ruins. He rushed to his own house, only to find his wife lying dead inside. Meanwhile, a loud wailing began and slowly spread through the whole kingdom, as soldiers found their families brutally killed. The Cat King whirled around when he heard footsteps. The Dog King stood there breathing heavily.

“You! You did this!”

“In your foolish rage at the death of your son in the war you provoked, you– killed– my– daughter.” The Dog King said, quietly and dangerously. Then, the Cat King felt a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down to find an arrowhead had sprouted from it. He fell to the ground, never to rise again.

The benefit of war never outweighs the cost.

~Michael Hollingworth
Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


4 thoughts on “CW4-Cat Wars?

  1. I like your word choice: ‘Filthy mongrels..’ ‘Blood oozing..’ It really creates a vivid picture. Nice fable overall.
    ~Kaytee Green


    • Thanks. I had to create a vivid picture in order to really impress my point on the minds of the readers, so those were the words I ended up with.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


  2. Wow, great job Michael! For a fable, it really does strike to the core . . . war and kiling should be avoided at all costs, and you have shown that so truly through the grief death!


    • Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to get some feedback, and yes, I did figure that the best way to prove my point was to simply show the consequences.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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