CW2 – Almighty God

Okay, I’m terrible at poems, but here’s my best shot, and I’m not too upset with the result.

Many rise and fall on the waves of eternity,

Myriads have lived and died whilst struggling for strength,

Multitudes gain pow’r but lose to enemies.

In contrast, there is One whom I know– strong and mighty.

Invincible, wise beyond measure, and righteous.

Indestructible, with anger like lightning.

Can someone as infinite as this live among us?

Could One have fury and mercy? Wrath and kindness?

Come and listen closely before I digress.

He is my Lord– God– Amazing and everlasting.

His hand guides me and leads me when I am afraid.

Healing us all, His love comes without asking.

Almighty Father, Jehovah, His names are many.

Always present, He will never ever forsake me,

And remember, He has an angel army!

El Shaddai, God Almighty, Lord I idolize You.

Everywhere I go, You are there, loving me.

Even Your might helps me pull all the way through.

Lead me God, show me Your way, that I may follow You.

Lord, forgive my wrongs, I ask, lend me Your power.

Lift me higher Father, above the world’s view.

Hope springs afresh within me, life abounds in my heart.

His strength refuels mine, His wisdom sparks a life fire.

Heart, keep beating, for I’m ready to restart.

Onwards I forge, treading the twisting, turning pathway.

Over mountains and through valleys His glory leads.

Oh I try, but it seems so hard to obey.

Lead on Lord, I think you’ll find I’m ready to go now.

Last I heard, You gave up your power all for me.

Lend me a hand, and I know I’ll make that vow.

Love so tender and kind, yet authority so great,

Lord, I believe You know why I’m hesitating.

Lost but found, I only hope I’m not too late.

In Your Word I seek guidance daily, show me the way.

Illuminate the path with Your glory; I’m blind.

I’m pleading, I must know how to live today!

Never forsake me God, I am trusting in Your strength.

Now the devil’s planting doubt in my heart and mind.

“No” I say, but is this footpath the right length?

Guard my heart Father, for the temptation is potent.

Grant me might to resist this injurious poison.

God, please help, for sin seems to appear golden.

War of measureless fury rages within me Lord,

When I see victory it is dashed from my eyes.

Why Lord? I ask You for strength to wield Your sword.

On and on the infinitesimal fight extends.

Order is forgotten, glory does not exist.

Others seem done, so where does my battle end?

Rolling and surging– that’s how the struggle seems to be.

Racing then dragging. Where has Your power gone Lord?

Rain keeps pouring; is that a rainbow I see?

Time is ticking, tides are turning, for better or worse?

Things seem clearer now; thank God for His mightiness.

There, I see a bright light, but yet still I thirst.

Heaving and churning still, but the waves are calming now.

However long it raged, it seems to be ending.

He is almighty, forever I shall bow!

Just a few notes, in each verse, the first line has thirteen syllables, the second has twelve syllables, and the third has eleven syllables, making a grand total of thirty-six syllables per paragraph. There is a verse for each letter in my name, with all three lines in the verse starting with that letter. Also, the first and last lines of each verse rhyme– more or less. And yeah, I wasn’t in any form or manner trying to copy the example with the waves, it just happened like that.

God is awesome!

God is awesome!


3 thoughts on “CW2 – Almighty God

  1. Wow, Micheal, great job! 3 verses for each letter–lots of hard work! The picture the words create is stunning . . . ‘lightning’, ‘poison’, infinitesimal’, ‘rolling and surging’. =D
    Sorry the photos didn’t work out. =/ I’m also trying to find a good way to format mine . . .


    • Thx for the comment :). Yeah, I’m kinda bugged about the photos too, but then, I’m not really one for appearances.

      Good luck on getting your photos formatted.

      ~Michael Hollingworth
      Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne


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